Coming in the May Electrical Apparatus!

Coming in the August Electrical Apparatus!

This is a synopsis of the Electrical Apparatus August 2016 featured technical article, by Richard L. Nailen, P.E.  To advertise in this issue, call 312-626-2316. Subscribe to Electrical Apparatus to receive this article with your subscription. Basis for efficiency projections: number of motors, their application, their hours of use, their age. How total energy savings are arrived at. When (and how?) will all those “less efficient” motors be replaced? As the years pass, how many replaced motors will already be of the higher efficiency type? How many motors will be repaired rather than replaced? What might be expected of “new” motor technologies? A more thorough summary of this featured technical article will be posted as soon as it is available. To order a back issue with the full article, “The Numbers Game, Part 1: Motor Efficiency and the “Big Picture”, call 312-321-9440 or visit our online webstore.

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