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Barks Publications, Inc. is your first source for books used by those who design, specify, use operate maintain or repair electrical equipment. Our staff produces, edits, and reviews books by industry experts, providing readers with a wealth of technical and business resources. Click the links below to visit our online book store or explore books that have been reviewed in the pages of Electrical Apparatus.

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barksbooks_2262_1072075Barks Books is your first-choice publisher for books about electromechanical and electrical applications and maintenance.With over a dozen titles, we cover topics such as: Managing Controls, Managing Motors – out of print please contact us for details, Steps to a Successful Service Shop, Linear Electronics and many more. You are sure to find a book that will help improve your knowledge and skill level. Our most popular series “Let’s Solve Your Problem” is now in its third edition.
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Book Reviews from the pages of Electrical Apparatus magazine are carefully selected by our staff and Engineering Editor. Recently reviewed books include the Power Transmission Handbook, Electrical Contacts: Principles and Applications, Solar power Electricity from Sunlight. Wind Energy Generation, and more.

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