Classified Display ads appear in the Classified Section of Electrical Apparatus.

Classified display ads are single-column (2 3/16″ wide) and can be one, two or three inches in depth. Cost is $125 per inch. Color is available for an additional $75 per insertion.

Classified Display advertisers must agree to place CD ads totaling at least 12 inches in depth within a 12-month period. (For example, 12 one-inch-deep ads in 12 consecutive issues, or 6 two-inch-deep ads in every other issue over a 12-month period, or 4 three-inch-deep ads in selected issues over a 12-month period).

You have the flexibility to choose your exact combination, adding up to 12 inches over 12 months. Production services are available to help prepare/modify Classified Display ads at no extra charge. A trial 3-inch ad may be run once within a 12-month period at a one-time rate of $475; this one-time insertion can then be applied toward a full, 12-inch CD contract, with appropriate credit.

For more information or to place an ad, telephone 312-321-9440.

Closing Dates

Electrical Apparatus is mailed the last week preceding the month of issue.

Closing date for space reservations is generally the 15th day of the month (or first workday before the 15th) preceding the date of issue.

Materials are generally due the 15th of the month preceding the date of issue. Call 312-626-2316 for exact dates.

Space is sometimes available after the closing date.

About Electrical Apparatus Magazine

Electrical Apparatus is the only monthly magazine with a direct editorial focus on electric motor maintenance, repair and purchasing

Each issue provides critical technical and industry-specific information that readers need to make timely and cost-effective decisions.

Readership includes in-plant electrical engineering and maintenance departments, electric utilities, electrical contractors, distributors, manufacturers and other professionals involved with the maintenance, repair and replacement of electrical, electromechanical and electronic equipment.

For more than half a century, we’ve produced the leading, most trusted publications for electro-mechanical people, places and products.

Value-added services

  • Bonus distribution of Electrical Apparatus at select shows and conventions
  • Booth numbers added to your ads for no cost
  • Easels, with a copy of your ad “as featured in Electrical Apparatus,” for your booth display
  • Opportunity to request publisher’s letters, with a copy of your ad, for your key customers
  • EMBR advertisers receive “See our ad” lines underneath your company’s listings in the Directory
  • Only active contract display advertisers are able to rent our mailing lists