Each month, our editors provide a useful mix of news, features, technical articles and analysis that readers can apply directly to their jobs and retain for future reference. Every issue includes regular editorial features that our readers rely on to meet their ongoing information needs. Here is a list of our regularly scheduled Departments and Columns.

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Editor’s Comment: Perspective on current and upcoming issues. By Kevin Jones, Senior Editor 

Accounting for Management: Business financial planning, tips, information and best accounting practices. By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor and author of Steps to a Successful Service Shop.

Advertising Index: An easy to use reference to the advertisements in Electrical Apparatus magazine.
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Business Briefs: News of expansions, relocations, annual reports, and more, about companies serving the electrical mechanical industries. Edited by Kevin Jones. Send announcements to Editorial Department, Electrical Apparatus: see the Contact Us page).

Calendar Briefs: Upcoming trade shows, symposia, and events, including many items listed on our online calendarEdited by Bill O’Leary, Managing Editor. Send announcements to Editorial Department, Electrical Apparatus: see the Contact Us page.

Classified Advertising: Equipment, jobs, businesses, business opportunities and services.
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Cy’s Super Service, and Motorhead and Generatorhead: Comic strips featuring characters from our favorite cartoonists.

Deaths, Obituaries: Remembering individuals of significance to the electromechanical industry
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Direct and Current: News of interest to the industry.  From The Editors of Electrical Apparatus

EA Reader Profile: Stories featuring our readers and their unusual or interesting stories or avocational interests. By Selena Cotte, Associate Editor

Electrical Manager: A potpourri of news and features, selected and edited for maintenance and service managers. By Bill O’Leary. “Electrical Manager” is a copyrighted feature of Electrical Apparatus. Any kind of reproduction, including electronic transmission, without permission of Barks Publications is illegal and is prohibited.

EMBR update: Changes to the Electromechanical Bench Reference, the annual buyers’ guide that readers received with their December issue of Electrical Apparatus. Following publication of the directory, corrections and additions appear in subsequent issues of the magazine.

Engineering Education: A glimpse into today’s engineering classroom in a quarterly feature which reports on college and university courses relevant to expanding electromechanical activities, as well as pre-college programs. By Selena Cotte.  Send announcements to Editorial Department, Electrical Apparatus: see the Contact Us page.

Fast Forward:  A column which covers how the electric motor industry is adapting to the changing technological landscape, including mobile technology, social platforms, innovative business practices, and more. Readers are encouraged to write in and contribute their thoughts on the topics and issues of each column.  By Bill O’Leary

Let’s Solve Your Problem: The longest-running and one of our most popular features, Let’s Solve Your Problem answers real questions posed by people in plants and service shops around the U.S. and abroad. Selected Q&A’s from this column are available in our popular Let’s Solve Your Problem booksEdited by the EA staff

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Letters, Comments and Questions from readers of Electrical Apparatus
Electrical Apparatus invites letters, 250 words maximum. All letters, including e-mail, must include name, company, title or position, phone number, city, state or province, and country. We may edit your letter for clarity and space. — Editor

Names and Faces: News and photos of industry people on the move and in the news. Edited by Bill O’Leary.  Send announcements to Editorial Department, Electrical Apparatus: see the Contact Us page. Please include photos if available.

New Books: Recently published books, reviewed by our editors.  See our Book Review webpage, and also Books for the Plant and Shop from Barks Books, with titles from the editors of Electrical Apparatus.

OEMs on the Move: A brief list of plant openings, closings, and other notable changes. By Selena Cotte

Plant Life: A monthly column focused on the developments and challenges most pertinent to those in manufacturing plants and the manufacturing sector at large. By Selena Cotte

Product Briefs: Photos and announcements of new products. Edited by the EA Staff. Send announcements to Editorial Department, Electrical Apparatus: see the Contact Us page. No faxes, e-mail, electronic submissions (CD-ROM’s, etc.) or follow-up calls, please. There is no charge for publication, which does not constitute endorsement, nor can we verify product claims.

Pumps: News about the business of pump application and service.

Renewable Energy: News of the latest developments in renewable energy and those implementing it. By Matt Rabel, Contributing Writer

Safety and Health in the Workplace:  How companies and their employees can guard and enhance their health and safety. By the EA staff

Say It Right: The popular column about language in the workplace.  By Richard L. Nailen, P.E., EA Engineering Editor

Smart Grid: On the latest progress and complications in digitizing the electrical grid.  By Richard L. Nailen

Speaking Of: A brief aside on topics covered in previous EA issues. By Selena Cotte

Standards Briefs: Updates of standards and related information.  Edited by the Electrical Apparatus staff

Trade associations, professional societies and government activities: News of non-profit government, and other organizations serving the electrical mechanical industries.  Edited by the EA staff  Note: the EMBR lists contact information for more than 140 associations … Update or add your listing to the EMBR now.

Training Briefs: Announcements of workshops, seminars and instructional materials, and our Training Index, listing program topics featured in Training Briefs in the past year  Edited by the EA Staff.  Send announcements to Editorial Department, Electrical Apparatus: see the Contact Us page.

Trilingual Summary: For our international readers, each month one featured topic is presented in French, Spanish and German.

Utility Briefs: News of the utility industry  Edited by Kevin Jones