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April 2019 issue explores various energy industries

The April 2019 issue of Electrical Apparatus magazine focuses on the use and repair of electrical apparatus in the energy fields like wind, solar, gas, coal, and more. This will be distributed at AWEA Windpower and comes with a free banner ad in the e-newsletter for April print advertisers–closing March 15 for reserving ad space. Space may be available after the closing date.

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May 2019 issue: The May issue will be distributed at 3 trade shows this year! With a variety of coverage for those interested in EMCW/Wire Processing Expo, AWEA Windpower, and EASA. Closes on April 16 for advertising (April 10 for the EASA exhibitor promotion).

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Upcoming Highlights

Does the U.S. have an energy strategy?

Many nations have adopted national energy strategies, setting forth hoped-for benefits with sustainable efforts to achieve them. In the U.S., though, efforts to formulate a national energy strategy have been stymied by shifts in regulatory requirements, the cost of building new power plants, concerns about disposing of hazardous waste, and partisan politics. A decline in heavy manufacturing has led to a decline in the demand for new energy sources. Meanwhile, the Federal government appears to be relying heavily on market forces to dictate usage, availability, and cost of energy. The effectiveness of this approach, as Engineering Editor Richard Nailen writes, remains to be seen.

For summaries of previous or upcoming technical articles check out the Barks Publications Web site.

Biodiesel fuel:

Loyola University of Chicago houses a biodiesel fuel lab that our cover story explores this month. Associate Editor Selena Cotte shares how the university students and faculty in the lab are working on this fuel source along with the equipment making it happen.

More in April 2019: AWEA Windpower, Power Outages, and AHR Expo

You will also find articles these topics in the April 2019 issue: coal, oil & gas, hydro power, renewables, solar, and more.

AWEA Windpower 2019 is coming to Houston in May and Electrical Apparatus magazine has a preview of what attendees and those interested can find at the show this year.

Plant Life: What happens when the power goes out at a plant? The monthly column, Plant Life, gives insight to an experience plants can prepare for.

More photos from the 2019 AHR Expo!

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