April 2015 Electrical Apparatus

April 2015 Electrical Apparatus

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April 2015: MARCON coverage, replacing motors, shop story, OSHA report, and more!

What are good reasons to replace a motor or component and what options need to be considered? How do online sales taxes affect your business? Electrical Apparatus magazine looks at these questions and more in the April issue. We take a look at the shop operations of a successful pump repair facility in Florida. Associate Editor Joseph Hoff brings a fresh perspective to the electrical training of United States Coast Guard members. Special Correspondent Jane Campbell returns to the pages of Electrical Apparatus with coverage of the Maintenance and Reliability Conference (MARCON) in Knoxville, TN.

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What’s New?

Sullivan Electric & Pump Shop Story A passion for pumps and people — We visit Sullivan Electric & Pump, Inc., in Lake Worth, Florida, to learn more about the company, its president and founder Gary Sullivan, and its specialty pump work. In addition to a full range of pump repair and service, the company designs and manufactures custom control panels and operates an in-house machine and fabrication shop. Key to the company’s success is its investment in its employees, who receive numerous benefits and are offered training opportunities paid for by the company.

Upcoming Highlights – Replacing Motors

When “Replace” Is The Choice

Is an “exact” replacement possible? Is a “spare” motor usable when needed? What are good reasons for a change – higher efficiency, lower inrush, no distributor stock, etc.? Keep in mind that some dimensions are not standardized. Look out for mounting problems, and lubrication differences. Will starting duty be an issue? Engineering Editor Richard Nailen will explore the issues involved when deciding which procedures to follow when replacing a motor. Click here for an online summary. Every issue of Electrical Apparatus features reliable technical material. For summaries of previous or upcoming technical articles check out the Barks Publications Web site.

More in April: MARCON Coverage & EMCW Preview

Special Correspondent Jane Campbell will explore the Maintenance & Reliability Conference (MARCON) 2015 in the April issue with photos and an article about this unique conference that incorporates the attendees at each workshop. The April issue will also take a look at the programs and events the upcoming Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding (EMCW) Expo will offer.

U.S. Coast Guard Electrical Training

The Electrician’s Mate courses available through the United States Coast Guard focus on fundamental knowledge theory of equipment operation and practical maintenance and troubleshooting skills for Coast Guard Electrician Mates. In this feature, readers can meet some people who have completed the courses. They also can learn more about the program and opportunities in the civilian world.

Advertising News

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Department News

More on the subjects that interest and inform EA readers!Safety and Health Associate Editor Joseph Hoff: The April issue will provide coverage of Dr. David Michaels’ annual update address. As in previous years, the assistant secretary of OSHA will set the tone for what OSHA has planned for the year in this speech. Fast Forward by Associate Editor Bill O’Leary will look at online sales tax fairness: how local business believe its unfair that they have to collect on sales taxes while larger Web sites do not. Reader Profile by Associate Editor Joseph Hoff: Meet Jonah Brown, who serves as corporate motor engineer for the Tennessee Valley Authority based in Knoxville, Tenn. Mr. Brown will discuss his role within the organization and his outside interest in rebuilding electrical equipment. Accounting for Management by Contributing Editor William Wiersema: Proper costing of products and services helps a business owner understand what makes or loses money. Unfortunately, according to Wiersema, costing methods used in most businesses fall short, often oversimplifying, to the detriment of management. The key to accurate costing is having the right data, and Wiersema presents some methods of gathering it. Among the methods he describes are activity-based costing, the use of statistics to measure efficiency, and separating the steps of a manufacturing operation in order to evaluate the efficiency of each step and identify which ones need improvement. Every issue of Electrical Apparatus features the latest industry news in Business Briefs, Direct and Current, Training Briefs, Let’s Solve Your Problem, and more. Press releases and other material suitable for editorial consideration in our Departments and Columns may be emailed to eamagazine at barks dot com.

More Than Motors:

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