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The April issue explores uncharted waters…new markets

Reach new readers and learn how related industries have enhanced the business of industry companies with articles on a Pennsylvania repair shop involved in HVAC and hermetic motor sales, elevator maintenance and equipment, AHR Expo coverage, preview of the EMCW Expo, industrial v-belts, and more in a packed issue. The April issue closes for advertising on March 16, 2017.

Closing Dates for Upcoming Issues

The April 2017 issue of Electrical Apparatus magazine explores new and related markets for our readers with a show report from the AHR Expo, a technical article on industrial v-belts, elevator repair and equipment, and so much more–closes for advertising on March 16, 2017.

The May 2017 issue of Electrical Apparatus magazine previews the program and venue of the upcoming EASA Convention with specific attention to what to expect from the convention and local tips for the best food and travel experience in Tampa, FL. The issue also features a Georgia shop story and technical article on insulation. Bonus distribution of the issue at our EASA booth. Closing April 15, 2017 for advertising. 

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What’s New?


Upcoming Highlights – New Markets

Adding a new service/new market to your business

The April 2017 issue feature story on North End Electric from Scranton, PA focuses on a repair shop that expanded  their business by adding a counter with HVAC products and saw growth from exploring a new market.

What goes up…Elevator equipment and maintenance

Elevators are more complex than their function of moving people or objects up and down in a building. They involve special motors, bearings, and maintenance. This month we look at a few businesses who work closely in elevators and on the equipment to keep them running.

More in April 2017: AHR Expo, EMCW Expo, V-belts

Engineering Editor Richard Nailen explains what a v-belt dressing is and why it is used. Flat leather belting vs. elastomeric v-belts. Squealing belts–treating symptoms. Potential damage to belt materials. Dressing universally disapproved by belt manufacturers; claims by dressing suppliers.

Photos and coverage from the 2017 AHR Expo that took place in late January in Las Vegas, NV.

Preview of the upcoming EMCW Expo and Wire Proccessing Expo in May in Milwaukee, WI.

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Mix it up to reach a new audience!

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