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June 2018 focuses on business acquisition, motor starts, EASA preview, elevators, and more!

The June 2018 issue of Electrical Apparatus magazine has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are interested in business acquisition, have questions about motor starts, want to see photos from EMCW/Wire Processing Expo and AWEA, or are excited about the EASA Convention in Milwaukee the June issue has you covered. It will be an issue that readers keep for years!

The June 2018 issue will be distributed at the EASA Convention.  

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Advertising News: Guarantee your presence in front of EASA attendees

Is your target audience at EASA? The June issue is not only mailed to more than 16,000 readers (all EASA members, too), it is also distributed at the EASA Convention for attendees–new readers and returning readers–to grab a copy.

Why advertise when you have a booth: The new format of the EASA exhibitor editorial that we write might not include all exhibitors or text sent to us. The new format will be a more readable, fun format for our readers who do and do not attend the show to get a sense of what they will see. An ad makes sure you reach the EA audience.

Show promotion for all advertisers: Your ad will appear in a slideshow of advertisements that we display at our booth at FOUR trade shows this year–adding an extra layer of lead generation to your ad.

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Upcoming Highlights

Motor starts per hour

The capability of any a-c motor to accelerate its load can easily be determined. The inertia of the system, and the required accelerating torque, must be known, together with the characteristics of the motor design and the applied motor voltage. If the application calls for repetitive starting, however, the problem is no longer simple. In this article, Engineering Editor Richard Nailen explains the many considerations behind such starting. Every issue of Electrical Apparatus features reliable technical material. For summaries of previous or upcoming technical articles check out the Barks Publications Web site.

More Than Motors: Business Acquisition

Are you interested in expanding your business? Maybe you’ve thought about expanding to another shop. This month our editors go inside the pros and information about acquiring another business to help readers grow their business.

Elevator repair and maintenance

Electrical Apparatus will feature a few articles on the equipment and process to repair elevator motors. Often we ride elevators without thinking about what makes up an elevator or that the parts that make it function need servicing–maybe by your company.

EASA Exhibitor Preview

The popular EASA exhibitor preview is back this year with a new, redesigned format for easier reading and reference. It is a great resource for those attending the EASA Convention and for those who are not attending but curious about what is happening on the exhibit floor this year.

Upcoming issues

The June 2018 issue of Electrical Apparatus magazine features the redesigned format of our popular EASA exhibitor preview section along with some amazing articles on motor starts, business acquisition, and virtual teams. Don’t miss guaranteeing your spot in front of readers. Closing May 15 for advertising space. 

The July 2018 Workforce theme issue focuses on the concerns and advantages of industry employees. We see training in action and much more. This issue is distributed at every trade show for a full year after its publication.

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More Than Motors:

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