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June 2015: EASA exhibitors section, “True or False,” Santa Monica field report, EMCW and PEARL post show reports, and more!

What are some common misconceptions about motor repair? How is a seaside city transforming the trades job market? The June issue features these questions as well as post-show reports for the EMCW and PEARL shows, robots that work with humans, and so much more.

Bonus distribution of the June issue at the EASA Convention.

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The closing date to reserve advertising space in the June 2015 issue will be Friday May 15, 2015. Space may be available after the closing date. The closing date for the July issue will be Monday June 15, 2015. The July 2015 issue with the annual training feature includes a look at Simeon Career Academy’s electrical training program, a NFPA standard system technical article, and more. For information on future closing dates and advertising inquiries call 312-321-9440. Insertion orders can be emailed to eamagazine at barks dot com or faxed to 312-321-1288.

What’s New?

EASA Exhibitors Section

Our EASA Show exhibitors section is front and center this month, featuring the products and services that will be on display at the June Electrical Apparatus Service Association convention in San Antonio. We asked exhibitors what the show means to them, why they’re there – and what they’ll be giving away at their booths! Look for other show details, too, in this always-well-read annual feature.

Upcoming Highlights – “True or False”

True or False: Clarifying common misconceptions about electric motors

This article will explore twenty statements about motor manufacture application and operation that are often seen in technical and marketing literature – some true, some not. Learn about common misconceptions involving bearings, temperatures, efficiency, industry standards, effect of power system conditions, enclosure design, etc. Every issue of Electrical Apparatus features reliable technical material. For summaries of previous or upcoming technical articles check out the Barks Publications Web site.

More in June 2015: PEARL and EMCW Reports

Technology, the internet, and new regulations like NFPA70E are transforming the electrical industry. Our report from the Pearl Conference in Cleveland this month details how companies can keep workers safe from electrical accidents and how electrical products are becoming more sustainable, safe and reliable. In many cases, redistributed and rebuilt parts/products are less expensive and easier to find than new products, but safety concerns are key.

Coverage and photos of the Electrical Manufacturing and Coil Winding show, in Milwaukee May 13-14, will be in the June issue. Stop by and say hi at our booth or schedule a meeting to learn more about Electrical Apparatus. Hope to see you there!
Santa Monica, Ca. Facilities Field Report

Rather than bemoaning a host of problems affecting the trades and urban residents, the City of Santa Monica, California, has taken steps to solve them. We look at three municipal programs that do the city’s work while providing training, jobs, and benefits to unemployed workers, city departments, and even middle-school girl campers.

Advertising News

“As Seen In Electrical Apparatus” Easels

Electrical Apparatus advertisers can take advantage of the “As Seen in Electrical Apparatus” easels–a value added service–that are distributed to exhibitors at the annual EASA show. The May or June ad easels are great additions to the exhibit booth or sales office. Find more tips about advertising on the EA blog advertising page.If you have any questions or are interested in classified or display advertising, call 312-321-9440 or email eamagazine at barks dot com.

Department News

More on the subjects that interest and inform EA readers! Safety and Health by Associate Editor Joseph Hoff: In anticipation of June’s Electrical Apparatus Service Association Convention in San Antonio, “Safety & Health” will provide some pointers for business travel and conventions. Specifically, it will address issues of relevancy to travel, the convention hall, and hotel – all intended to make this year’s event more enjoyable and, hopefully, profitable. Fast Forward by Associate Editor Bill O’Leary investigates collaborative robotics: an emerging trend where robots are programmed to work alongside human co-workers. Reader Profile by Associate Editor Joseph Hoff: John Schady discusses his role as shop supervisor at Central Armature Works in Washington, D.C. – a company that provides electrical apparatus installation, supplies and construction for businesses within a 60 mile radius One of the company’s strengths is quality control. In his leisure, Schady enjoys fishing and hunting.  Accounting for Management by William H. Wiersema: “Businesses that are investing in new facilities, expanding operations, or engaging in certain types of spending have the opportunity to benefit from federal and state incentives,” Contributing Editor William Wiersema writes in his article for the June issue. Join him as he shows readers where to look for ways to pare down a company’s tax bill.

Every issue of Electrical Apparatus features the latest industry news in Business Briefs, Direct and Current, Training Briefs, Let’s Solve Your Problem, and more.Press releases and other material suitable for editorial consideration in our Departments and Columns may be emailed to eamagazine at barks dot com.

More Than Motors:

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