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Pump News, Liquid Cooling for Motors, Engineering Podcasts, and More in the March 2015 Issue!

Coming in March (closes for advertising February 12) Designers choosing a motor type for a particular environment, plant operators, and manufacturers of heat exchangers, leak testers, pumps and pump parts, pressure gauges, and valves and related equipment will be interested in Engineering Editor Richard Nailen’s March technical article, which delves into the practice of liquid cooling for motors. New departments and features like Associate Editor Bill O’Leary’s look at engineering podcasts, the University of Tennessee’s research into transformational technologies in Engineering Education by Associate Editor Joseph Hoff, and the debut of our new Pumps department are all in the March Electrical Apparatus!

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What’s New?

Pumps News Department!

In the March EA we’ll be introducing a new department about pumps. For several years now we have seen pump service and the sale of new pumps becoming more significant for many of our readers, and the time seemed right to devote more space to this growing market segment. Our new “Pumps” department will include items about company acquisitions and expansions, new products, promotions and hiring, training seminars, and meetings and conventions—anything, in short, having to do with the business of keeping fluids moving.

Upcoming Highlights – Liquid Cooling for Motors

When air-cooling is not an option

All electric motors generate heat when in operation, and the most common method of cooling them is with air. Sometimes air isn’t the best option, though, and water or some other fluid is used instead. As Engineering Editor Richard Nailen points out, this is where things can get complicated. Many larger motors are cooled with air-to-water heat exchangers, which vary in type according to the motor’s size and the application. This article walks the reader through the various cooling methods and explains the circumstances under which each is most appropriate. Click here to read a summary.

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More in March 2015: Engineering Education

In this month’s feature Associate Editor Joseph Hoff introduces Wayne Davis, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Tennessee, who talks about the partnership between the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee and its role in the development of transformational technologies such as reinforced plastics.  Learn about this and other engineering education news in the March issue

Accounting for Management  – Financial due diligence in acquisitions

Anyone looking to buy a business needs to take a close look before closing on the deal. In his March article on accounting, Contributing Editor William Wiersema explains several things to look for during the due-diligence process, including declining sales trends, imperfect title to intellectual property, lurking lawsuits, slow-moving inventory, and improperly recorded accounts receivable. Sellers might also overstate future sales, or they may misstate the point at which revenue is recorded, inflating the balance sheet. Wiersema explains how to spot these and other irregularities as part of a systematic examination of a business’s finances prior to an acquisition.

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Department News

More on the subjects that interest and inform EA readers!

Safety and Health by Associate Editor Joseph Hoff will focus on how to protect against accidents, injuries, and damage caused by flooding. This feature is just in time for spring, a season that brings heavy precipitation in many regions.

Fast Forward by Associate Editor Bill O’Leary for March explores engineering podcasts, letting readers know what is available for interested listeners and what they can learn from these shows.

Reader Profile Meet Pat Illig, CEO and General Manager of Altoona, Penn.-based Electric Motor & Supply, Inc. – a company that he acquired in 2004. Its customers include power plants, steel mills, municipalities, and stone quarries. In the March issue, Illig talks about his off-the-job position as a committed volunteer fire fighter, a role which required hours of rigorous training.

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More Than Motors:

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