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May 2015: Grounding confusion, shop story, EASA 2015 venue preview, OSHA update, & more!

How do I separate the myth from the truth about grounding? What are some ways to detect or prevent financial fraud? The May issue of Electrical Apparatus takes a look at these questions as well as exploring Horner Electric of Indianapolis, IN, attractions in San Antonio for the 2015 EASA show, OSHA annual update, and the questions and benefits of franchising your business–plus a post show review of the Automate 2015 Convention.

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What’s New?

Horner Electric Shop Story

When a big operation gets bigger

When is a motor shop expansion more than just a motor shop expansion? When the company is so highly diversified that various divisions contribute. In the May issue, Senior Editor Kevin Jones visits an industrial service company in Indiana whose expertise in enterprises other than motor repair helped expand the company’s motor repair capabilities. One division provided metalworking expertise for a catwalk and stairs. Another provided state-of-the-art linear LED lighting for the ceiling. And it was all accomplished with savvy financial sense that led to a tax abatement from the city. In all, the story the story provides inspiration for how a motor shop expansion could be done.

Upcoming Highlights – Grounding Confusion

Confused about grounding? You’re not alone

Electrical grounding “is the thing we come most in contact with but know the least about,” one prominent engineer once said, and this month’s feature article by Engineering Editor Richard Nailen shows how true this observation is. The online summary for the May technical article can be read here.

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More in May 2015: EASA Venue Preview:

With the 2015 EASA Convention just around the corner, the May issue shares some of the best and most loved restaurants, entertainment, and attractions of San Antonio, TX from Texas readers of EA.

Accounting for Management

Preventing financial fraud

This month, Contributing Editor William Wiersema tackles the problem of theft by employees, describing the more common schemes and detailing controls that can help business owners and managers spot theft when it happens. These controls include periodic reviews, independent bank reconciliations, and the segregation of functions that could lead to collusion between dishonest employees acting as a team.

Smart Grid

Engineering Editor Richard Nailen evaluates the security and privacy of the smart grid in “Is Big Brother Spying on You?”

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Department News

More on the subjects that interest and inform EA readers!

Safety and Health by Associate Editor Joseph Hoff: In his annual update address, OSHA assistant secretary David Michaels highlighted some of last year’s successes and discussed strategies for achieving them.  He also looked ahead and provided a glimpse of what is to come.  May’s “Safety & Health” will provide a look at some of the speech’s content. Fast Forward by Associate Editor Bill O’Leary discusses the franchising business model. How did franchises come about, where are they being used effectively, and who is in the electromechanical industry is benefiting from it? Reader Profile by Associate Editor Joseph Hoff: Mike Shaw, who is the Director of Operations at Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc. in Bloomfield, Conn., will talk about his role within the firm and about the company as a whole.

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