October 2015 Electrical Apparatus

October 2015 Electrical Apparatus

The closing date to reserve advertising space in the October 2015 issue is Wednesday September 16, 2015. Space may be available after the closing date. Call 312-626-2316.

The closing date for the November issue will be Friday October 16, 2015. The November 2015 issue will include a look at motor temperature, CWIEME post show review and photos, internet marketing part 1, pumps news, and more.

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Terminal connections: the weak link in the motor circuit

“Nothing works until it’s connected.” This adage applies throughout any electrical system, from transmission lines to microchips. Several hazards can arise when a motor is connected to a power source, however. Engineering Editor Richard Nailen explains a number of these hazards and shows how to avoid them.

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Mountain Motors: Metevier’s Electric Motor Service in Burlington, Vt.

A family business in the truest sense of the term, Metevier’s employees are all family members. With three generations of ownership and four generations of employment, the company has become a fixture in the community by selling and repairing electric motors and pumps. Their customers include the University of Vermont and the Boys and Girls Club. In a crowded barn packed with motors for sale and shop equipment for repair, the men at Metevier like to do things their way: getting their hands dirty and treating customers like old friends.

San Diego conference on energy-efficiency (SDGE)

The 10th annual Energy Showcase was hosted by San Diego Gas & Electric June 18 in San Diego, and EA Special Correspondent Christopher Wachter was there to see what might be of interest to Electrical Apparatus readers. In his report, he describes recent advances in electric vehicles and observes an ongoing trend among utilities to divest themselves of coal-burning plants and to embrace renewable resources.

Other October Highlights

Accounting: Customizing manufactured goods at low cost      

With proper planning, products can be manufactured to customer specifications and still be profitable. In this article, Contributing editor William Wiersema explains that customization is intended to satisfy demand for unique, customized items at the lowest possible cost. These principles, he shows, apply especially to short-run contract manufacturing of items such as custom machines.

Say It Right: The Long and Short of It

Many people think, mistakenly, that big words make a person sound smarter or more authoritative. In fact, longer words usually diminish the power of one’s message. In this “Say it Right” column, Engineering Editor Richard Nailen explains the folly of using long words when shorter ones will work.

Reader Profile 

Meet Ralph Taylor of Chicago Signal & Engineering Co., based in Naperville, Ill. Formerly employed by Commonwealth Edison where he was responsible in part for inspection of generators, Mr. Taylor leveraged his experience and expertise to launch his own company. In his free time, he and his wife are dance skaters.

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October’s Departments and Columns

Fast Forward by Bill O’Leary will take a look Bluetooth and the “hands-free” movement. This increasing popular wireless technology is available on our phones and in our cars, and allows for the exchange of data over short distances. This column will take a look at how Bluetooth has developed and how it has made inroads in electrical engineering. Will we ever be able to control a motor remotely from our phones or other devices? Bluetooth could make that a possibility.

Safety & Health We revisit a topic we first covered in November 2012, when EA provided coverage of the American Wind Energy Association’s “Real World” training for the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. In the next issue of EA, Josh Hoff takes a fresh look at the topic of safety and other pressing issues, as they pertain to the wind energy industry. For instance, when working, service and repair personnel may face dangers associated with working from the hub of the turbine, over the side of the turbine, and from the inside of the nacelle – or housing of the turbine. The objective is to continue promoting safety to those serving the wind energy industry.

Pumps Keep up with the latest news, products, and developments in the Pump news section in each issue of Electrical Apparatus!

Reminder – Important Dates

The closing date to reserve advertising space in the October 2015 issue is Wednesday September 16, 2015. Space may be available after the closing date. Call 312-626-2316.

The November 2015 issue, closing Friday October 16, 2015 for advertising, will include the CWIEME post-show review and photos, Internet Marketing, “What do we mean by motor temperature?” and more.

Insertion orders can be emailed to kweller@barks.com or faxed to 312-321-1288.

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