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January 2016: Motor shops now and then, 5-year index of articles, vintage ads, managing motor overloads, and all of your favorite departments!

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Upcoming Highlights


Motor Shops Now and Then: Photographs and memories from motor shops across the nation highlight an industry full of rich history and long-standing companies.

Managing Motor Overloads: Motors can become overloaded for several reasons, and the most obvious result is overheating. This overheating, though, can result from conditions not involving the mechanical load on the shaft. One such condition is terminal voltage below the rated value; another is frequent starting and stopping. Engineering Editor Richard Nailen looks at these and other causes of motor overheating and explains how deal with each or to avoid them entirely.

Hilton Hotel:Editors at EA talk with members of the staff at Hilton Chicago about changes the hotel has undergone over the years. How has the hotel adapted to accommodate guests? How are the changes reflected in the building’s design? In the building’s electromechanical system? This article looks back at the hotel over time.

More in January 2016 Nostalgia issue:

Five-Year Index of Articles: Each January issue of Electrical Apparatus magazine includes an index of articles that have been published in the magazine over the preceding five years, making this an issue that readers hold onto for future reference. This year’s index, five pages in length, lists several hundred articles on a variety of topics, including service shop operations and conferences and trade shows.

Say It Right: How long is a long time? Some users opt to specify sleeve bearings for their motors, thinking that such bearings offer unlimited or “infinite” life. “But nothing lasts forever,” notes Engineering Editor Richard Nailen in his January “Say It Right” column, and this applies to the components in electrical machines as much as to anything else. The article points the reader to standards in which terms including indefinite, continuous, intermittent, and “short” life are defined.

Reader Profile: Ken Thompson, owner of Hancock Electric Motor Service, Quincy, Mass., discusses his company and the imminent change of ownership. Shortly, his son, Scott, will take over ownership of the company. Ken Thompson also talks about his active role in stock car racing.

Vintage Advertisements: Electrical Apparatus has published many amazing articles over the past 50 years, yet readers will probably have noticed the interesting and often creative advertisements that help shape each issue. In this Nostalgia issue we take a walk down memory lane to revisit some fun advertisements.

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Department News

Accounting by William Wiersema: Accounting isn’t what it used to be. In keeping with the January’s “nostalgia” theme, Contributing Editor William Wiersema provides a concise look at accounting in the U.S. over the past 100 years, explaining technological advances and evolving standards that have led to the accounting profession as we know it today—a discipline that would be virtually unrecognizable to its early practitioners.

Fast Forward by Bill O’Leary looks at part 3 of the “internet marketing in the industry” series focusing on web site development. It will specifically cover how to establish contact through social media and build a healthy site that has steady traffic. The column will also touch on how site’s have evolved over the years.

Safety & Health by Joseph Hoff: Safety & Health for the January 2016 issue will examine employers’ continuing obligation to make and maintain accurate records of injuries and illnesses as mandated by OSHA. In the process, it will consider some of the changes over time.

Pumps: Keep up with the latest news, products, and developments in the Pump news section in each issue of Electrical Apparatus!

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More Than Motors:

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