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May 2016 Canada issue is coming:

The May issue of Electrical Apparatus magazine will focus on the electromechanical industry in Canada along with recommendations for restaurants and sites to see during the EASA 2016 Convention in Toronto. There will be bonus distribution of the May issue at both the EMCW and EASA shows.* The closing date will be Friday April 15, 2016. Space may be available after the closing date. Call 312-626-2316.

The June 2016 issue will feature a look at the 2016 EASA exhibitors and what their exhibit booths will offer, Roys Electric Motor Sales and Service, engineering education, EMCW show report, working in the heat, and more. The closing date will be Monday May 16, 2016. Space may be available after the closing date.

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May Feature Articles

Heinz Peper feature: Heinz Peper is an 86-year-old man with a very unique hobby: he collects photos of electric motors. In this article Peper, who is still an electric motor instructor who lives in Ontario, shares his personal history and how he came to love motors and related technology. He also will share is personal collection of photos that he took as well as historical photos on electricity that he has acquired over the years.

When Does ‘Low Voltage’ Become “High’?: “Danger: High Voltage”: It’s a warning even people who know nothing about electrotechnology are familiar with. But what, exactly, does it mean? In this article, Engineering Editor Richard Nailen shows that the answer is far more complex than you might imagine, with standards organizations and professional societies providing definitions that vary widely. Those who install and maintain electromechanical systems, though, need to have an understanding of what “high voltage” means in any given application. It’s literally a question of life and death.

Canada’s ElectroMechanical Industry: The last time Electrical Apparatus devoted an entire issue to Canada, in July 2008, just months before the global financial crisis, Canada was riding high on an industrial boom fueled by high oil and real estate prices. This May, in anticipation of the June convention of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association in Toronto, we revisit Canadian service companies and discover what has changed and what has remained the same over the past seven years.

Other May issue highlights

Toronto EASA Convention Venue Preview: The restaurants, sites, and events to check out in Toronto during the 2016 EASA Convention with input from Ontario readers.

The Canadian standards system: Though serving many of the same purposes, U.S. and Canadian standards organizations differ in structure and practices. In this article, Engineering Editor Richard Nailen takes a broad look at Canadian issuers of electrical standards and explains that they’re arranged in more of a “top-down” structure than their U.S. counterparts.

The Smart Grid and power quality: Many discussions about the Smart Grid focus solely on smart meters and other devices designed to control the grid and communicate information about power use between customer and utility. Little attention has been paid, however, to the issue of power quality, which stands to figure prominently in the efficiency with which power is delivered across the grid. In this article, Engineering Editor Richard Nailen points out the urgency of understanding power quality in the rapidly expanding Smart Grid.

Know Your Industry: This month, Assistant Editor Charlie Barks explores the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering and also highlight aspects of the industry that are unique to the Canadian labor and manufacturing landscape.

Department News

More on the subjects that interest and inform EA readers!

Accounting by William Wiersema–Structuring foreign operations: U.S. companies can greatly enhance their profits by expanding their businesses into markets outside of the U.S. Many considerations affect these decisions, however, from demographics to incentives. In his May article, Contributing Editor William Wiersema lays out these considerations and provides an outline for setting up an operation in another country. In keeping with this month’s theme, he provides an example of setting up a subsidiary in Canada.

Fast Forward by Bill O’Leary will explore floor plan apps/software that are available for plants, motor shops, and offices–considering how mapping technology has evolved to help businesses.

Safety & Health by Joseph Hoff looks at OSHA’s 2015-2016 year so far.

Pumps: Keep up with the latest news, products, and developments in the Pump news section in each issue of Electrical Apparatus!

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The closing date to reserve advertising space in the May 2016 issue is Friday April 15, 2016. Space may be available after the closing date. Call 312-626-2316.

The June issue will close on Monday May 16, 2016 for advertising.

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