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September 2015: CWIEME Chicago preview, Specification writing, personal protective gear, generations at work, and much more!

Electrical Apparatus, September 2015

Electrical Apparatus, September 2015 -Nina Kellerman photo

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The closing date for the October issue will be  Tuesday September 15, 2015. The October 2015 issue will include “Terminal Connections: Weak Link in the Motor Circuit,” Bluetooth, Wind Safety, Shop story, and more.

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September Feature Articles

The Three C’s of motor specifications

Clear, concise, and complete: These are the three essential attributes of any a-c motor specification. Engineering Editor Richard Nailen presents a litany of poorly phrased motor specifications and offers alternative phrases that will convey your instructions more effectively.

Summaries of featured technical articles can be found on the Web site.

2015 Chicago Coil Winding Insulation and Electrical Manufacturing Expo preview

The CWIEME Chicago Expo, hosted by i2i Events Group, will be in Rosemont, IL, October 6-7. In our September issue preview, Electrical Apparatus highlights every show feature — upcoming educational sessions, keynote speakers, venue information, and what to expect on the exhibit floor.

Bonus distribution of September issue at our CWIEME booth, K25!

A New Method for Testing Rotor Bars

There are numerous ways to check the rotor bars in an a-c induction motor for damage, from visual inspection to using a growler to using a digital low-resistance ohmmeter test or an EL-CID test. All of these tests have their drawbacks. In his first article for Electrical Apparatus, Scott Clark, P.E., introduces the rotor bar magnetic field analysis test, a method that involves non-contact measurement of the magnetic field produced by the current flowing through rotor bars.

Other September Highlights

NFPA Electrical Workplace Safety Standards part 2  Last month, Engineering Editor Richard Nailen looked at some of the recent revisions to the National Fire Protection Association’s Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. This month in “An electrical safety standard’s ongoing evolution” he looks at revisions that were suggested but rejected, examining the reasoning behind both the proposals and the failures to make the cut.

Accounting  Tax pitfalls in a closely held business: Federal and state tax laws in the U.S. are extremely complex and full of costly pitfalls for unwary business owners. Contributing Editor William Wiersema, CPA, explains the ten most common tax mistakes made by owners of small businesses and how to avoid them.

Engineering Education  Our September Engineering Education column includes interviews with top researchers and administrators: Phil Coniglio, founding director of the co-op program at the Hofstra School of Engineering and Applied Science; Todd Easton, a Kansas State University professor whose expertise is operations research; and Professor Wei Qiao, an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Nebraska whose research focuses on clear and renewable energy systems.

Reader Profile Stuart Smith, president of Teamsesco, in Greensboro, NC, will discuss his role, the company and its direction, and the future of the company.

Advertising News

Advertising News: Coil Show booth lines & bonus distributions

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Department News

More on the subjects that interest and inform EA readers!

Fast Forward by Bill O’Leary is about generational divides in the workplace as Millennials take-up more positions and baby boomers begin to retire more frequently. How truly different are Millennials and baby boomers and what can managers do to motivate and satisfy both groups? The article will also cover the advantages of Millennials and how they’ll shape today’s workplace.

Safety & Health Do your employees need protective eyewear, or will sunglasses and eyeglasses suffice? Joseph Hoff interviews experts to provide an overview of what is necessary to meet OSHA requirements.

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