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April 2016 Electrical Apparatus magazine

April 2016: MARCON, EMCW Expo, Evansville Electrical & Mechanical Services Co., IEEE Power Systems “Color Books” and much more!

The April 2016 issue has the show coverage you want! With bonus distribution of the issue at the EMCW Expo in May, it is sure to attract new and current readers. Use the April issue to reach EMCW Expo attendees. The closing date for the April issue will be Tuesday March 15, 2016. Space may be available after the closing date. Call 312-626-2316.

The May Electrical Apparatus magazine will focus on the electromechanical industry in Canada along with recommendations for restaurants and sites to see during the EASA 2016 Convention in Toronto. There will be bonus distribution of the May issue at both the EMCW and EASA shows. The closing date will be Friday April 15, 2016. 

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What’s New?

See highlights from the popular e-newsletter, Direct and Current, on the last page of Electrical Apparatus in the April 2016 issue. 

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Upcoming Highlights – Changing with the times

How can an electromechanical service company survive and thrive for nearly 100 years across five generations of ownership? For EEMSCO of Evansville, Ind., the answer appears to lie in the economic stability of the surrounding region, an adherence to putting the customer first, and a willingness to change. Senior Editor Kevin Jones takes a close look at this company’s diverse operations and its longevity.

What’s become of the Color Books?

Beginning in the mid-1950s, the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers began producing a series of books that outlined recommended methods for the design and operation of electric power systems. Because each book had a cover of a different color, the publications became known as the Color Books. In recent years, as Engineering Editor Richard Nailen explains, production of revised editions of these books has become bogged down in bureaucratic wrangling, to the detriment of the industry. For summaries of previous or upcoming technical articles check out the Barks Publications Web site.

More in April 2016: Trade Show Coverage, EMBR updates, Say It Right, and more

Trade show coverage

A first look at Milwaukee manufacturing show 2016: The Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding Show will be held in Milwaukee May 11-12, and Electrical Apparatus will be on hand to learn what’s new and to report back to readers. In April, we’ll preview the event, outlining what attendees might expect to see and helping them to plan their visit more efficiently.

MARCON 2016: EA corresponding editor Jane Campbell reports on the events, workshops, and exhibits at the 20th annual Maintenance and Reliability Conference.

Say It Right: Whether we’re talking about machine efficiency, economic growth, or any other discipline in which the magnitude of a quantity is observed to change, various mathematical snares lie waiting for the unwary. The Conference Board, for example, routinely says that the U.S. Leading Economic Index has increased by a certain percentage when it really means to say that it has increased by a certain number of percentage points. In his April “Say It Right” column, Engineering Editor Richard Nailen explains this and other mathematical traps to be aware of.

EMBR listing updates: Update your 2016 EMBR buyer’s guide (published December 2015) with recent changes to addresses, contact information, business services, and product offerings.

Know Your Industry: This month, Assistant Editor Charlie Barks explores the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers.

Reader Profile: Richard Nalley, president of Krauth Electric Co., Inc., Louisville, Kentucky, discusses his role as president and his eclectic mix of interests that include bridge and grilling.

Department News

More on the subjects that interest and inform EA readers!

Accounting by William Wiersema: Pricing today Many sales people reject cost-plus pricing as inapplicable to the realities of markets. And yet while cost-based prices are by no means a magic-bullet panacea, they do provide critical benchmarks for comparison. In his April article, Contributing Editor William Wiersema explains how to choose a costing method and calculate an appropriate markup for a product or service.

Fast Forward by Bill O’Leary focuses on the involvement of motor companies in repair work from damaging storms and weather.

Safety & Health by Joseph Hoff explores noise hazards and discusses measures that workers can take to protect themselves.

Pumps Keep up with the latest news, products, and developments in the Pump news section in each issue of Electrical Apparatus!

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Reminder – Important Dates

The closing date to reserve advertising space in the April 2016 issue is Tuesday March 15, 2016. Space may be available after the closing date. Call 312-626-2316.

The May issue will close on Friday April 15, 2016 for advertising.

More Than Motors:

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