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Featured articles October 2014

  • The Smart Meter fire hazard fallacy, featured in the October 2014 Electrical Apparatus The Smart Grid -  Are Smart Meters a fire hazard? Don’t fall for the fallacy that because a fire occurred after a meter was installed, the meter caused it 
    By Richard L. Nailen, P.E., EA Engineering Editor

  • Manufacturing expo in Chicago, featured in the October 2014 Electrical ApparatusConventions & Trade Shows -  Huge exposition proves manufacturing is alive and well: Lessons about service also found at International Manufacturing Technology Show
    By the Electrical Apparatus staff
    IMTS 2014 in photos: Scenes from the recent manufacturing show in Chicago
    By the Electrical Apparatus staff
  • Fast Forward  3-IndeeD:
    Manufacturers are using 3-D printers for development and repair, but is it the wave of the future or a fad?
    By Bill O’Leary, EA Associate Editor
  • Bearing lubrication questions answered, in the September 2014 Electrical ApparatusBearings & Lubrication  - Evaluating motor repair providers: Standards and specifications are a good start, but buyers of electromechanical services need to go further
    By Richard L. Nailen, P.E., EA Engineering Editor

  • Preparing for the safety inspectors, featured in the October 2014 Electrical ApparatusSafety & Health - Inspecting for the inspection Steps to take to be prepared for a visit from the safety regulators
    By Joseph S. Hoff, EA Associate Editor

  • Accounting - Simplifying estates for tax purposes How to avoid probate and prevent exposure to other tax liabilities
    By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor

Departments and Columns

  • Publisher's Comment  Technology and greasable bearing lubrication… Technology at IMTS… Technology in the service shop… 2015 EMBR is now in production… In this issue: ...Elsie Dickson
  • Let's Solve Your Problem  In this issue: Does temperature affect other motor performance? … Is ‘arc resistant’ apparatus safe with the doors closed? … Locked-rotor versus inrush current … Why 460 volt rating in a 480 volt circuit? … Plug reversing from less than full speed … Must capacitor connection match winding connection? … Speed variation versus current variation … Edited by the EA staff
  • Associations, societies & government activities  In this issue: The American Society of Safety Engineers Foundation receives $250,000 pledge to fund Impact Scholarships... Electrical Apparatus Service Association survey reveals management search practices... Two members of the board of the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League spread the word about remanufacturing via their concurrent service on the board of the Remanufacturing Industries Council... Hydraulic Institute enters training partnership with Iwaki America, Inc (info at  www.pumps.org  ) ...Power Transmission Distributors Association publishes directory (info at www.ptda.org/directory National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s submetering group holds inaugural meeting... Edited by Kevin Jones 
  • New Dykman Electrical building in Boise, featured in the October 2014 Electrical ApparatusNewABB office facility, featured in the October 2014 Electrical ApparatusBusiness briefs   In this issue:  Illinois Electric Works and Shermco Industries earn EASA certification... Baldor Electric Co. Foundation awards $171,000 in scholarships to children of Baldor employees... Dykman Electrical adds a building in Boise (pictured, left), and will be adding warehouses in Seattle and in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State... Graybar earns award for hiring veterans... Ribbon-cuttings at Wisconsin ABB facilities constructed by general contractor Huntzinger ...Ron Tucker, Aaron Aleithe, and Greg Scheu (left to right, pictured right) cut the ribbon at ABB’s new office facility in Wauwatosa, Wis. —ABB photo … Edited by Kevin Jones
  • Calendar briefs  In every issue and updated on the web. See our Calendar page for current offerings.  
  •  EA Reader Profile  In this issue: Robert Pierce, owner of Pierce Sales & Service, Plainview, Minn By Joseph Hoff
  • Wind Energy Systems, reviewed in the October 2014 Electrical ApparatusNew Books   In this issue: Wind Energy Systems: Solutions for Power Quality and Stabilization. By Mohd. Hasan Ali. CRC Press
    By the EA Staff

  •   Klein Tools management team, featured in the October 2014 Electrical Apparatus   DeWAL Industries’ Lynne Russell, featured in the October 2014 Electrical Apparatus Lafert North America’s Matthew Temple, featured in the October 2014 Electrical ApparatusMichelman’s Richard Yang, featured in the October 2014 Electrical Apparatus
  • Names & faces  In this issue: Klein Tools’ Thomas Klein Jr., Thomas R. Klein Sr., Mathias Klein III, and Mark Klein (pictured, l to r, at left) ... Tom Jaros of Solcon USA ... DeWAL Industries’ Lynne Russell (pictured)... Circuit Breaker Sales NE, Inc. and Group CBS, Inc.’s John Namnoum … Lafert North America’s Matthew Temple (pictured) ... The Hydraulic Institute’s Robert K. Asdal and Gregg Romanyshyn... Michelman’s Richard Yang (pictured) Edited by Bill O'Leary
  •  William N. Hopkins, remembered in the October 2014 Electrical ApparatusDeaths  In this issue: William N. Hopkins, vice-president of Huntingdon, Pa.-based Huntingdon Electric Motor Service... Edited by Josh Hoff

  • Training Briefs Announcements of workshops, seminars and instructional materials, in every issue and updated on the web. See our Training page for current offerings.  In this issue - Motor testing - A five-day training workshop on the latest and most advanced techniques in both de-energized and energized motor testing. Offered by: All-Test Pro LLC, P.O. Box 1139, Old Saybrook, Conn. 06475; (860) 399-4222; ce@alltestpro.com ; www.alltestpro.com . Where and when:Dec. 1-5 at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev. .... BLDC and interior permanent magnet motors - A three-day course, titled “Brushless DC & Interior Permanent Magnet Motor & Generator Design—Taking Theory to Practice,” Offered by: Advanced MotorTech LLC, 4951 71st Ave. North, Pinellas Park, Fla. 33781-4428; (727) 412-8200; www.advancedmotortech.com  Where and when: Nov. 18-20 at the Hilton Garden Inn, DFW Airport South, Irving, Tex. ..  Induction machine design - A three-day course titled “Induction Machine Design—Taking Theory to Practice” that provides an up-to-date, practical foundation of induction machine design techniques to produce accurate, low-cost, and realistic design results based on the electrical, magnetic, mechanical, and thermal interactions. Offered by: Advanced MotorTech LLC, 4951 71st Ave. North, Pinellas Park, Fla. 33781-4428; (727) 412-8200; www.advancedmotortech.com  Where and when: Oct. 22-24 at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort in Lincolnshire, Ill. ....Also: NAED NAED offers new product training courses... Educational sessions at Hydraulic Institute fall meeting... ABB’s Safety Lead Competency Centre (SLCC) and Engineering Safety Consultants (ESC) launch new e-learning training course... PdMA Corp. to host motor shop assessment workshop... International Society of Automation (ISA) announces third edition of its Tuning of Industrial Control Systems book ...
  • Utilities  In this issue: Consumers Energy of Jackson, Mich. accelerates Smart Meter installations... TECO Energy completes acquisition of New Mexico Gas Intermediate... Hawaii utilities meet to plan future of services... Dominion Virginia Power expands solar demonstration site... Edited by Kevin Jones
  • Classified Advertising  Equipment, jobs, businesses, business opportunities and services.
  • Cy's Super Service, Motorhead and Generatorhead Comic strips featuring characters from our favorite cartoonists.
  • Direct and Current In this issue: Mixed signals in industrial supply... Electroindustry improvement continues... Power transmission business is strong... Non-manufacturing industrial sector grows... Canadian industrial capacity utilization rises… from The Editors of Electrical Apparatus.

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