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Move over Valentine’s Day! February is now the Efficiency issue with a look at the practices, methods, and products that enhance and better your business.

February 2015 Electrical Apparatus - photo by Christopher Wachter

February 2015 Electrical Apparatus – photo by Christopher Wachter

February 2016: Expanding your business, the IEEE insulation maintenance guide, Sloan Electromechanical shop story, and all of your favorite departments!

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The closing date for the March issue will be Monday February 15, 2016. March is our third theme issue of the year, focusing on Innovation. Look for new ways to improve your business–on the shop floor, in products, or in the office–with coverage of the Fabtech 2015 and Distributech 2016 conferences, a technical article, “Stop, Look, Listen,” a roundup of engineering blogs, and all of the departments and news you enjoy.

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Greenbuild 2015

A conference and expo designed around sustainable, green building practices with programs from experts, exhibits from industry leaders, and much more. The coverage of the Greenbuild 2015 Conference will include a post-show review and photographs.

Sloan Electromechanical Service

Due to circumstances outside of his control Jerry Gray took the reins of Sloan Electromechanical Service & Sales in San Diego, Calif, at a young age. He soon brought the provider of motor, generator, and control services to the forefront of energy efficiency. By training his employees in efficient work practices and instructing customers such as electric utilities on how to conserve energy, Sloan Electromechanical has been able to thrive. Ultimately, Gray decided to embrace energy efficiency because it was “the right thing to do.”

IEEE’s insulation maintenance guide and its shortcomings

It’s often said that too many cooks spoil the broth; it may likewise be said that too many authors can render a standard almost too cumbersome to use. In this article, Engineering Editor Richard Nailen examines IEEE 56, Guide for Insulation Maintenance of Electric Machines, which was written by committee and as a result became bogged down in confusion and contradiction.

Every issue of Electrical Apparatus features reliable technical material. For summaries of previous or upcoming technical articles check out the Barks Publications Web site.

More Highlights – New Department!

NEW Department: Know Your Industry

A monthly look at the associations that shape the business world of the electromechanical industry written by Assistant Editor Charlie Barks. This month we will feature PEARL (The Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League), a national organization that works to ensure the quality and safety of recycled electrical equipment.

Energy Efficient Opportunities for Shops Firms providing electromechanical service, repair and installation may be able to find opportunities within the energy efficient and high performance buildings market. These opportunities may be presented within the many facets of energy efficient buildings, including water systems, pumping systems, elevators, escalators, HVAC, and other systems. Learn more about these opportunities in this feature.

Smart Grid In the language associated with the development of the Smart Grid, we can find many buzzwords with little or no meaning. Some have been lifted from the business-speak of more prosaic enterprises. Others have been more recently created. In this article, Engineering Editor Richard Nailen lists several of the words and phrases that have come to be associated with the Smart Grid and attempts to define them.

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Department News

More on the subjects that interest and inform EA readers!

Accounting by William Wiersema: Improving operational efficiency To maintain efficiency, businesses today must modernize their operations. But change in any company can require employees to face strong cultural headwinds. In this article, Contributing Editor William Wiersema considers the types of changes a company might need to embrace in order to improve efficiency, and outlines various incentives to help employees accept these changes.

Fast Forward by Bill O’Leary. This column looks at how to properly recycle used equipment as well as at how companies are reconditioning and remanufacturing electrical apparatus. Delve into the remanufacturing process and learn how not being wasteful can benefit a company and the environment as a whole.

Safety & Health by Joseph Hoff will examine hand and power tool safety for professionals working in the electromechanical maintenance and repair industry. The column will discuss hazards and necessary precautions.

Pumps Keep up with the latest news, products, and developments in the Pump news section in each issue of Electrical Apparatus!

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