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Featured articles February 2011

  • Say It Right - What’s a ‘safe’ temperature? The word is meaningless without a numerical value .  
    By Richard L. Nailen, P.E., EA Engineering Editor
  • Mark Kauffman, President of Kauffman Electric Co., Baltimore, MD, featured in the February 2011 Electrical ApparatusEA Reader At Ease  - A spirit of friendship and service: How Mark Kauffman, President of Kauffman Electric Co., Baltimore, MD, has found fellowship and opportunities for service in Masonry
    By Joseph S. Hoff, EA Associate Editor

  • Measuring motor ‘starting’ and ‘inrush’ current,  featured in the February 2011 Electrical ApparatusMotors & Generators   - What do we mean by motor ‘starting’ and ‘inrush’ current? After efficiency, starting current may be the greatest concern of motor users. With trilingual summary.  (Read an online summary)
    By Richard L. Nailen, P.E., EA Engineering Editor

  • Accounting - The new tax act: What’s in it for you? Several benefits for small businesses under the Tax Relief Act
    By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor  

  • Considering hearing problems, in the February 2011 Electrical ApparatusSafety & Health -  "Excuse me, I couldn’t hear you . . ."   How to avoid the insidious disability of hearing loss
    By Joseph S. Hoff, EA Associate Editor

Departments and Columns

  • Editor's Comment   Things looking up for electromechanical facilities ...Benefits for small business from the U.S. Tax Relief Act that became law on Dec. 17, 2010... A thank-you to our readers who write us  ...by Horace B. Barks, Editor and Publisher
  • Let's Solve Your Problem  Will an ASD motor start on inverter bypass? ... Is loop test cable distribution important? ... Can counting starts predict motor life? ... Does wound rotor connection matter? ... Can rotor cage material influence critical speed? ... Must lead insulation match winding insulation? ...  Edited by the EA staff
  • Letters  Misalignment does cause loss of energy, from Alan Luedeking, Technical Support Manager, Alignment Division, Ludeca, Inc., Doral, Fla. ...Thank you for ‘Say it Right’ , from Gary Weidner, GW Technical Services, Inc. ,Dubuque, Iowa
  • Associations, societies and government activities    ‘Reconditioning revolution’ to be discussed by speakers from the Investment Recovery Association and the U.S. Green Building Council, at the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers’ League conference ...  EASA provides webinars to cover theory and practice of electromechanical service and application ... New York gets tough on worker misclassification - organizations pressing for passage of the legislation included the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, other labor unions, non-profits, and the National Electrical Contractors Association ...U.S. wind industry faced ‘significant challenges’ in 2010 ... Terminal block guide issued by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association  .... National Association of Electrical Distributors and 30 other distribution trade associations will present the 2011 University of Industrial Distribution .. Chicago-based Power Transmission Distributors Association to hold conference “to develop essential skills in the power transmission/motion control industry’s next generation of leaders" ...Edited by the EA staff
  • Business and financial briefs  Globe Electric Co. observes 80th anniversary ... Volland Electric opens eastern N.Y. office ... Five schools win Fluke test gear ... AC Propulsion expands manufacturing in China ... Bradleys’, Inc. expands dynamometer load-testing capabilities ...Royal Bearing, Inc.,opens new warehouse ...National Electrical Manufacturers Association forms Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment/Systems Section and launches “Vids for Grids: New Media for the New Energy Workforce” ( videos may be viewed online at no cost at www.youtube.com/vids4grids ) .. Edited by Kevin Jones  
  • Calendar In every issue and updated on the web. See our Calendar page for current offerings.
  • Standards American National Standards Institute reaffirms Standards Breaker and switchgear standards ...ANSI solicits public comment by March 4 on standards revisions related to hazardous materials and fire protection...International Electrotechnical Commission issues Voltage endurance standard ...New environmental and inspection standards from NEMA and ANSI ... Edited by the EA staff
  • Web briefs    Featured this month: Lecon Systems— www.leconsystem.com ...Veris Industries— www.veris.com ... Kinetics Noise Control— www.kineticsnoise.com ... Bodine Electric Co.— www.bodine-electric.com ... Pump Fundamentals— www.lightmypump.com ...  Pump Ed 101— www.pumped101.com ... Pepperl + Fuchs, Inc.—  www.bebcoeps.com/pdf/purge_tech_review.pdf    Electrician Talk— www.electriciantalk.com ... Pump School— www.pumpschool.com  ...Epoxies, Etc.— www.epoxies.com ... Electronics Tutorials— www.electronics-tutorials.com ... Research Council on Structural Connections— www.bolt council.org Edited by the EA staff
  • EMBR Update Changes, corrections and additions to the 2011 ElectroMechanical Bench Reference Edited by the EMBR staff
  • Shermco Industries' Robert Loveless, featured in the February 2011 Electrical Apparatus Shermco Industries' Chris McGowan, featured in the February 2011 Electrical Apparatus Shermco Industries' Terrie Hooley, featured in the February 2011 Electrical Apparatus Shermco Industries' Jason Greer , featured in the February 2011 Electrical Apparatus Connie Sonsogno of Lafert NA, featured in the February 2011 Electrical Apparatus  
  • Names and Faces  Shermco Industries' Robert Loveless (far left),  Chris McGowan (left), Terrie Hooley (center), and Jason Greer (right) ... Federal-Mogul Corp.'s Paul Johnson, Jay Burkhart, and Bob Egan... National Association of Electrical Distributors'  incoming vice president-elect of the Eastern Region, August Sodora Jr. ... Connie Sonsogno (far right) of Lafert NA ... EGS Electrical Group's Jean-Baptiste Trolle, Kerry Nedic, Jason Overbey , Dan Douglass, Craig Morris, Kevin Jacks and Jim Gibson....
    Edited by Bill O’Leary  
  • Gerald “Jerry” Reese, owner of R&R Electric Corp. remembered  in the February 2011 Electrical ApparatusDeaths  Gerald “Jerry” Reese, owner of R&R Electric Corp., Columbus, Ohio, died November 9, 2010.
    by Josh Hoff

  • Product Briefs   Software from EDSA Micro Corp. and WEG Electric Corp. … Switching Devices from Del City , Cole Hersee Co. and Trillium Controls, Inc. … Test Instruments from Saelig Co. and Megger… Tools from De­WALT , Hilti, Inc., , Streamlight, Inc., Bondhus Corp., Xuron Corp.and Thomas & Betts … Adhesives & Sealants from Master Bond … Controls from Micronor, Inc., ICM Controls Corp. and EGS Electrical Group … DRIVES & Inverters from ABB … ENCLOSURES from Orion Fans, Adalet, and Cooper B-Line … Interconnections from Anomet Products, Inc.Edited by the EA staff
  • Training Briefs Announcements of workshops, seminars and instructional materials, in every issue and updated on the web. See our Training page for current offerings.  In this issue -  Medium-Voltage Breaker Maintenance and Testing, from Shermco Industries, www.shermco.com/training … Induction Machine Design, from Advanced MotorTech LLC, www.advancedmotortech.com  … Basic Electrical Technical Skills, from Shermco Industries, www.shermco.com/training  … Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker Maintenance and Testing, from Shermco Industries, www.shermco.com/training … Motor & Motion College training courses for 2011, from the SMMA Motor and Motion College - email bill.chambers@smma.org 
    Producers of workshops, seminars, and instructional materials are encouraged to send announcements to Training Briefs Editor, Electrical Apparatus. See Contact Us page. Certain restrictions apply - contact the editors for details.
  • Cy's Super Service, Motorhead and Generatorhead Comic strips featuring characters from our favorite cartoonists. 
  • Classified Advertising Equipment, jobs, businesses, business opportunities and services.
  • Direct and Current   Business confidence rose for second straight month … Industrial economy building “fresh strength”…Pace of manufacturing in New York area increases… WEG reports strong sales performance for 2010…....from The Editors of Electrical Apparatus.

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