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January 2015 features Root Cause Analysis, Electric Vehicles, and more!

Root Cause Analysis, 5-year article index in January issue! The new year is upon us and Electrical Apparatus starts it off with our annual five-year index of articles for readers to find the technical features they need. The January 2015 issue will also include Engineering Editor Richard Nailen’s close look into root cause analysis and Associate Editor Bill O’Leary examines the technology of electric vehicles and possible opportunities they could provide for service shops who wish to expand their businesses in this month’s Fast Forward article.

EMBR Thanks! Thanks to all of you who have sent compliments for this year’s ElectroMechanical Bench Reference. For more than 30 years, the one-volume EMBR has been used year-round as a primary sourcing guide by key buyers in the electrical aftermarket. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive directory of products and services used by the electrical aftermarket, as well as a guide to the manufacturers and suppliers of those products and services. Updates to EMBR2015 will appear in the March 2015 issue of Electrical Apparatus. Please call 312-321-9440 or email embr at barks dot com to report changes and corrections.

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Upcoming Highlights – Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis: methodology or mythology? Ever since ancient times, people confronting problems have looked beyond the immediate situation to determine a problem’s cause. In electrical machine technology, the practice of seeking the cause of a breakdown is known as “root cause analysis.” The simplest method, called the “Five-Whys” procedure, follows a linear chain by posing a series of questions. There are other methods as well. In this article, Engineering Editor Richard Nailen presents these methods and examines their drawbacks, seeking to find the right balance that will lead motor users to the right answers in the real world.

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More in January 2015: Annual five-year index of articles If it’s January, it must be time for a popular feature that keeps readers returning to the January issue for the entire year: the five-year-index of articles. In this feature, we categorize all the major articles published in Electrical Apparatus over the past five years, including technical articles, stories about successful businesses, and our popular features on safety and small-business finance. Many readers tell us that they file away all their issues of EA for future reference; the January index is where they turn to find information published in the past that will help them in their business today.

Accounting for Management Limited liability companies, or LLC’s, have become the entity of choice among U.S. tax advisors. Under this form of incorporation, income is taxed directly to individual owners rather than taxed once at the corporate level and again to stockholders as distributed. Also, as its name suggests, an LLC limits the liability of owners to certain legal claims. As with any form of incorporation, however, LLC’s come with rules and caveats. In this article, Contributing Editor William Wiersema takes a close look at some of the tax benefits and risks of becoming and operating as an LLC.

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Department News

More on the subjects that interest and inform EA readers!

Safety and Health In the January 2015 issue of EA, the Safety & Health column written by Associate Editor Joseph Hoff will take a look at safe handling of pallets and other material handling-related matters.

Reader Profile by Associate Editor Joseph Hoff: Meet Al DiMascio, president and owner of Blanchard Electric, Waltham, Mass., in the January 2015 issue of EA. In 1987, emboldened by 20 years of experience, DiMascio bought the company. Today, Blanchard Electric counts on loyal employees and a diversified customer base in conducting business in the marketplace. During his free time, Mr. DiMascio enjoys playing hockey.

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