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Water Everywhere: August 2016 Electrical Apparatus!

The August 2016 issue of Electrical Apparatus magazine has the photos and reviews you want from the EASA Convention and the AWWA ACE Conference along with an in-depth technical article on motor design duplicates. The issue will also take you behind the scenes at the Shedd Aquarium’s pumps, motors, maintenance department, and new 30-ton lithium-ion battery. The closing date will be Friday July 15, 2016. Space may be available after the closing date.

The September 2016 issue will feature a preview of the upcoming 2016 CWIEME Chicago expo, how digital money/bitcoin could affect your business, and much more. The September issue closes on August 15, 2016. Bonus distribution of the September issue at the 2016 CWIEME Chicago Expo.

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August 2016 Electrical Apparatus

Advertising News: Reach more of your target audience

Did you exhibit at the EASA 2016 Convention or AWWA ACE Conference and want to thank those who stopped by your booth? The August 2016 issue of Electrical Apparatus is a great issue to stand out and guarantee a presence in one of the most popular issues with an advertisement. Going out to over 15,810 readers, the August issue reaches thousands of potential buyers unable to attend EASA or AWWA ACE this year. Use Electrical Apparatus to your advantage!

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Peas in a pod: Are they, really?

Two motors from the same manufacturer, with the same model number, and manufactured on the same assembly line on the same day—they’re identical, right? Not necessarily. As Engineering Editor Richard Nailen explains, numerous variances come into play in the manufacture of any motor, and these variances affect such things as wire size, air gap, core stack length, and enclosures. The effect of these variances is cumulative, so two apparently “identical” motors can vary considerably in performance. In this article, Nailen explains how the motor specifier can take these variances into account.

Every issue of Electrical Apparatus features reliable technical material. For summaries of previous or upcoming technical articles check out the Barks Publications Web site.

2016 EASA Show coverage

The annual convention of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association was held in Toronto June 12-14, and our editors were there to find out what people were talking about. On the technical side, there were discussions about pumps, testing, and electrical circuit theory. On matters of management and marketing, attendees heard about international markets, building a successful sales team, gauging the quality of repair work, and planning for transition of company ownership. Don’t miss our summary of the convention highlights.

Powering the Shedd Aquarium

Assistant Editor Charlie Barks goes behind the scenes at the Shedd Aquarium. His interview with Bob Wengel, the Shedd’s V.P. of Facilities, covers pump and motor maintenance. Learn about their energy saving initiatives, including their 30-ton lithium-ion battery.

Other August Highlights

AWWA ACE Conference: The August issue is pumped up with photos and review of the water conference that featured seminars, exhibits, and competitions. 

Fast Forward by Bill O’Leary explores the value and interest in engineering blogs–their application by industry personnel.

Smart Grid: Can everything be “smart”?
By now, most of us know what the Smart Grid is: an electric power grid on which sensors and controls adjust power use in response to constantly changing supply and demand for the most efficient use of electricity. The problem is that we have become carried away with the word “smart,” applying it to phones, buildings, even entire cities. In this article, Engineering Editor warns us that the designation “smart whatever,” by being overused, might be promising more than can realistically be delivered.

Know Your Industry: Taking a look at the organizations that support and shape the electromechanical industry by Assistant Editor Charlie Barks, this month’s Know Your Industry explores the SSPMA (Sump and Sewage Pump Manufacturers Association), the trade association for the sump, effluent and sewage pump industry.


Accounting by William Wiersema: S corporation or limited liability company?
Those setting up a new company must decide which type of legal entity they wish to establish. Two of the most popular types are S corporations and limited liability companies, but each is best suited to different situations. “From a tax standpoint, S corporations have an undeniable advantage over LLCs,” observes Contributing Editor William Wiersema, CPA, in this article. “However, S corporations are not for everyone.” He then explains the situations under which each is the better choice.

Reader Profile by Joseph Hoff: Meet Ralph Ridlehuber, majority owner and head winder at Peak Industrial Electric LLC, Winnemucca, Nevada, in the August issue of EA. Mr. Ridlehuber’s business serves customers in a variety of industries, including mining and agriculture. Off the job, he enjoys planting trees and riding his motorcycle.

Safety & Health by Joseph Hoff revisits the topic of forklift safety, an issue that we last covered in the December 2010 issue. When industrial trucks are not operated with caution, they can pose dangers both to operators and pedestrians. Safety & Health will highlight some precautionary measures and sound practices to protect people on the job.

Pumps Keep up with the latest news, products, and developments in the Pump news section in each issue of Electrical Apparatus!

Reminder – Important Dates

The August issue, featuring post-show reviews and photos of the 2016 EASA Convention, will close on Friday July 15, 2016.

The September issue, featuring a preview of the 2016 CWIEME Chicago expo, will close on August 15, 2016. The issue will include bonus distribution at the upcoming CWIEME Chicago Expo.

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Insertion orders can be emailed to kweller at barks dot com or faxed to 312-321-1288.

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