April 2017 Electrical Apparatus

April 2017 Electrical Apparatus

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Service Shops

Opportunities in elevator service: How one Oklahoma company turned to elevator service and repair during the oil downturn By Joseph S. Hoff, EA Special Correspondent

Electrified & diversified: North End Electric in Pennsylvania gives itself a jump start By Charlie Barks, EA Assistant Editor

Safety & Health  What’s all that racket? Noise will be noise. Here’s how you can discipline it. By Charlie Barks, EA Assistant Editor
Power Transmission Dressing for industrial V-belts: yes or no? If you choose to use such coatings, keep these precautions in mind  By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor With trilingual summary
Accounting What’s the market value of your business? How to determine a reasonable price to ask of a potential buyer By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor
Motor Performance Motor efficiency myths: Debunking the most prevalent false claims about motors and efficiency By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor

Cool running: AHR EXPO 2017 – Las Vegas HVAC/R expo highlighted automation and efficiency By the Electrical Apparatus staff

Electrical expos join forces: EMCW 2017  – This year’s Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding Expo in Milwaukee will be held alongside wire processing event By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor

Electrical Manager Share the wealth: Gainsharing is an alternative compensation plan that may benefit plants By Bill O’Leary, EA Associate Editor
Fast Forward Web crawl: A look at online destinations for the electromechanical industry By Bill O’Leary, EA Associate Editor
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Departments and Columns

Editor’s Comment   In this issue: No matter how old the problem, there’s always a new solution…Kevin Jones
Calendar briefs In this issue: Hannover, Coil Winding, EASA: convention season kicks into high gear. Edited by Bill O’Leary
Let’s solve your problem In this issue:  Does a non-ventilated TENV motor need ventilation? …And what’s severe duty?  …Why the variation in starting inrush?   …What is a NEMA grounding pad? The editors
Letters   In this issue: Rick Budzynski, Product Development Engineer at Baldor Electric Co., Greenville, S.C., expands upon a “Let’s Solve” item from February, re: the potential hazards of high rotor temperature
Business briefs In this issue: Dowding & Mills gets a name change …Allied Reliability enters a merger… Inpro/Seal sales team helps in food drive… Edited by Kevin Jones
Standards In this issue: Standards cover Lithium-ion batteries… Switchgear standard revised … and, from Richard Nailen, an IEEE promotion neglects more mundane disciplines…  Edited by the EA Staff
Pumps In this issue: Chesterton goes back to school… Flowserve gets a contract in China… Danfoss displays nextgeneration HVAC/R products… Armstrong Fluid Technology gives away a pair of Harley Davidsons… Edited by the EA staff
Know your industry In this issue: Getting to know the International Association of Electrical Inspectors by Charlie Barks
Associations, societies & government activities In this issue:  Energy-storage workshop is held in South Africa… Mechanical engineers from U.S. and Turkey enter pact… American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers signs memorandum of understanding with the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences… and, by Richard Nailen, the end of Motor Decisions Matter… Edited by Kevin Jones
Utilities In this issue: California cannabis growers will pay farmers’ utility rate… Con Edison files to use supplementary batteries… Georgia Power now offers solar energy credits… Edited by Kevin Jones
Renewable Energy   In this issue: Wind and solar installations expand around the world… By Charlie Barks, EA Assistant Editor
Training briefs In this issue: New training courses on HVAC, robotics, and motion control… Edited by Bill O’Leary
New books In this issue:   A new volume about condition monitoring of induction motors: Current Signature Analysis for Condition Monitoring of Cage Induction Motors. By William T. Thomson & Ian Culbert. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 111 River St., Hoboken, N. J. 07030; (201) 748-6000. $140 (hardbound). 440 pages.
Product briefs In this issue: What’s new in drives, bearing protection, and more… Edited by the EA staff
Say it right Of spell checks, homonyms, and confusing pairs of words… By Richard L. Nailen,
EA Engineering Editor
EA reader profile During his free time, Daniel Brazinski, general manager at Cornell Dubilier, builds guitars  —Charlie Barks
Names & faces  In this issue: Personnel changes at Horner, EMR, Danfoss, and more… Edited by Bill O’Leary
Deaths  Remembering John J. Piela, engineer and co-owner of Piela Electric, Inc., Preston, Conn
Puzzle  In this issue:  “As seen on television” –  find words dealing with television technology.  … The Editors
Direct and Current  In this issue:  Federal law enforcement raids Caterpillar, Inc… a roundup of some GOOD news … a 74-year-old machinist files an age discrimination case against
an armature shop… New orders for U.S.-made goods increase… the biannual “Rise of the Rest” road trip, run by Steve Case’s venture capital firm, Revolution,… The Editors

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