August 2012 Electrical Apparatus

August 2012 Electrical Apparatus

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Trade Shows EASA 2012: Adjusting to the new normal: The economy and the cost of regulatory compliance under scrutiny at the June EASA Convention. By Joseph S. Hoff, EA Associate Editor

Trade Shows IMTS2012: It’s huge, high-tech, hands-on, and coming to Chicago in September. By Elizabeth Van Ness, EA Associate Publisher

Trade Shows Coil shows circle the globe: International electrical manufacturing and winding events will crowd the calendar through 2013. By Elizabeth Van Ness, EA Associate Publisher

Motor Performance Magnetic slot wedges: a mature technology? After more than a century, disagreement about their best use persists. With trilingual summary (Read an online summary) By Richard L. Nailen, P.E., EA Engineering Editor

Safety & Health All shook up How to prevent injury from vibrating tools. By Joseph S. Hoff, EA Associate Editor

Accounting – Cutting-edge financial reports: Changing shop practices require new reporting strategies. By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor

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Departments and Columns

Editor’s Comment Increased numbers in categories reported from June EASA Show… Two Chicago trade shows move into the spotlight…More good news: book reviews are back…

Let’s Solve Your Problem Do ASD motors exhibit low insulation resistance? … When is corona protection required? … Is it safe to leave space heaters on continuously? … Why different voltages for different tests …Whence the ‘10 degree rule’ on insulation life? …Edited by the EA staff

Letters Efficiency tests for permanent-magnet motors? from Victor Wowk, P.E., Machine Dynamics, Inc., Rio Rancho, N.M. The Editors

Associations, societies & government activities The U.S. Dept. of Commerce launches Manufacturing Day Oct. 5 (sponsored by the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International, the Dept. of Commerce’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and the Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center) … Manufacturers’ reps report tablet computer use … EASA lays out a profitability plan… National Association of Electrical Distributors reports sales increases for the typical electrical distributor … National Electrical Manufacturers Association urges government to spur Smart Grid growth … Edited by Kevin Jones

Business briefs Regal drops the word ‘Beloit’ from its name … Shermco holds Texas barbecue for customers (below, left) … Houghton completes an offshore project and announces board appointments (Craig Hutton, operations director, left, and Cedric McMillan, sales and marketing director, right)…Fastener maker EFC International opens new international office …Industrial Careers Pathway launches industrial job board at… Records blamed in Baldor discrimination charge … Dreisilker adds new Georgia branch (below, right) … Edited by Kevin Jones

International Trade Shows Upcoming trade shows in Hong Kong … Singapore … Switzerland… Hamburg, Germany … Cairo …The Netherlands … Seoul… Edited by the EA staff

Reader Profile Craig Young, repair shop foreman at Electric Motor Specialties, Jamestown, N.Y.; volunteer firefighter; and dog lover… By Joseph S. Hoff

Calendar In every issue and updated on the web. See our Calendar page for current offerings.

New Books Reviewed in this issue: Guide to Electrical Power Distribution Systems, Sixth Edition. By A.J. Pansini. The Fairmont Press, Inc., 700 Indian Trail, Lilburn, Ga. 30047; (770) 925-9388. $46 (hardbound). 264 pages….Power Distribution System Reliability. By A.A. Chowdhury & D.O. Koval. IEEE Press/John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 111 River St., Hoboken, N.J. 07030; (201) 748-6011. $146 (hardbound). 531 pages…. Lighting Controls Handbook. By Craig DiLouie. The Fairmont Press, Inc., 700 Indian Trail, Lilburn, Ga. 30047; (770) 925-9388. $92 (hardbound). 239 pages. …Practical Lighting Design with LED’s. By Ron and Carol Lenk. IEEE Press/John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 111 River St., Hoboken, N.J. 07030; (201) 748-6011. $94.95 (hardbound). 240 pages…—RLN

Say It Right Electrical connections aren’t necessarily ‘soldered’ Know the difference between soldering, brazing, and welding By Richard L. Nailen, P.E., EA Engineering Editor

Standards NEMA updates two circuit breaker standards – AB 3, Molded Case Circuit Breakers and Their Application and ANSI/NEMA C37.50, Low-Voltage A-C Power Circuit Breakers Used in Enclosures— Test Procedures … IEEE updates standards replacing former power system Color Book series ..,.NEMA standardizes finished cable assemblies … by the EA staff

Names and Faces Miyachi Unitek Corp’s David Fawcett … Michael Dergance of TURBOdesign Technology, Inc…. Nancy Collat Goedecke of Mayer Electric Supply, recognized by The National Association of Electrical Distributors… Edited by Bill O’Leary

Plant and Shop Equipment Showcase PIG UV-resistant spill kit from New Pig Corp … vacuum-hoist lifter from Anver Corp…three prong explosion proof extension cord from Larson Electronics..

Training Briefs Announcements of workshops, seminars and instructional materials. In this issue – How to Design BLDC and IPM Machines—Taking Theory to Practice, from Advanced MotorTech LLC, 4951 71st Ave. N, Pinellas Park, Fla. 33781-4428; (727) 412-8200; ..Basic, and Advanced, Vibration Analysis, Machine Dynamics, Inc., 1021 Commercial Dr SE, Rio Rancho, NM; 505-884-9005; …Shop and field balancing from Machine Dynamics, Inc., 1021 Commercial Dr SE, Rio Rancho, NM; 505-884-9005; …Shaft alignment, from Machine Dynamics, Inc., 1021 Commercial Dr SE, Rio Rancho, NM; 505-884-9005; Edited by Bill O’Leary

Direct and Current Distributor margins are near 2007 levels… Manufacturing activity contracted in June… Industrial production increased 0.4% in June. .. Electricity rates aren’t falling with fuel costs… the U.S. ranks ninth in energy efficiency… from The Editors of Electrical Apparatus.

And, in every issue:  Classified Advertising (Equipment, jobs, businesses for sale, business opportunities and services), Advertising Index, and your favorite cartoons, Motorhead and Generatorhead (illustrated by Mark Ziemann) and Cy’s Super Service (illustrated by James Estes)!

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