August 2017 Electrical Apparatus

August 2017 Electrical Apparatus

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Pumps & Pumping Systems

Fluid agenda at American Water Works Association’s ACE17: A water show shows that Philly’s got flows By Charlie Barks, EA Assistant Editor

WEFTEC water conference to splash back into Chicago: The Water Environment Federation’s annual gathering will return to the Great Lakes region this fall By Selena Cotte, EA Editorial Assistant

The 2017 EASA Convention

Internet of Things is the talk of Tampa: Remote machine monitoring captured imaginations at the June convention of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association By Bill O’Leary, EA Associate Editor

Expanding opportunities in service: Educational sessions at the convention addressed emerging technologies, pumps, field service, the global marketplace, and more By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor

What’s new in service shop software: On display was the latest software for managing service operations By Charlie Barks, EA Assistant Editor

Fun in the $un: the convention in photos Visitors to this year’s convention in Tampa conducted business with a Florida flair By the Electrical Apparatus staff

Service & Sales Companies  A new beginning in the Mile-High City: How Denver Electric Motors’ Lance Toepper is expanding his company’s customer base By Charlie Barks, EA Assistant Editor
Utilities Is there a blackout in your future? In spite of recent advances in the Smart Grid, several worrisome conditions remain By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor
Motors & Generators  The problem with Internet motor forums You’ll find useful information shared among peers online—but you’ll also find outright errors By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor
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Departments and Columns

Editor’s Comment   In this issue: At Electrical Apparatus, we’re about more than just motors …Kevin Jones
Let’s Solve Your Problem  In this issue: What’s the basis for motor life figures? …. Concern about surge capacitor temperature…Accounting for first-cycle inrush… Does lower ambient allow motor overload? …Does starting efficiency matter? … The meaning of ‘water-resistant’ … ‘Remote’ location for surge capacitors?.. Edited by the EA staff
Business Briefs   In this issue: Schneider, Siemens receive nods from LinkedIn … WEG buys Missouri transformer manufacturer CG Power USA, Inc. …A.O. Smith to build a new research center … Emerson introduces plant management platform … Edited by Kevin Jones
Utilities Utilities are ranked by efficiency … Kansas City leads in EV adoption.. Edited by Kevin Jones
Pumps   In this issue:  The latest developments at Grundfos, Leistritz, and Pentair …Edited by Kevin Jones
Renewable energy  In this issue:  China plans a solar installation that looks remarkably like a panda  … by Charlie Barks
Know your industry In this issue:  Getting to know the Fluid Sealing Association Edited by Charlie Barks
Associations, societies & government activities In this issue:  A theme for EASA … mechanical engineers honor a museum
Accounting  Cooking the books: How sellers of businesses misstate financials  By William Wiersema
Safety & health In this issue: Servicing pumps has its hazards; here’s how to deal with them  By Charlie Barks, EA Assistant Editor
EA reader profile  Meet Jay Wicks, teacher, consultant, and builder …By Charlie Barks, EA Assistant Editor
Fast forward Charge culture: Is the electric car ready to take center stage? … Edited by Bill O’Leary
Electrical manager The servant-leader: A model for leadership that puts people first.. Edited by Bill O’Leary
Training briefs Sulzer’s summer internships and All-Test Pro’s motor seminars Edited by Bill O’Leary
Names & faces  Recent appointments at Helwig Carbon Products and Coherent, Inc. Edited by Bill O’Leary
Deaths In this issue:  Robert Brinker, veteran sales engineer and avid sports fan … Edited by Charlie Barks
Calendar briefs  In every issue and updated on the web. See our online calendar for current offerings. In this issue: Upcoming conferences on pumps, energy, and electrical manufacturing
The Smart Grid  Suspicions of a diabolical agenda emerge among armchair sleuths By Richard Nailen
Puzzle  In this issue:  Fill ’er up! In the grid at left, arranged horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, you will fi nd terms (listed below) associated with the fossil-fuel power generation industry. Circle the terms, and the letters that remain will spell out where the industry is going…. The Editors
Direct and Current  In this issue:  HANDY DELIVERY. Mike Evans, one of the founders of the popular online food delivery platform GrubHub, has launched Fixer, a parallel idea for the home repair market … A PLANT OPENS. Samsung Electronics has announced plans to invest $380,000 to open a new appliance factory in South Carolina… VOLVO GOING ELECTRIC. Volvo announced in July it plans to reinvent its product portfolio by centering its vehicles around the electric motor…. SWEET HOME ALABAMA. British coil manufacturer Preformed Windings has announced it will open a new manufacturing facility in Birmingham, Ala., to supply rapid response coils for medium- and highvoltage applications… The Editors
And, in every issue:  Classified Advertising (Equipment, jobs, businesses for sale, business opportunities and services), Advertising Index, and your favorite cartoons, Motorhead and Generatorhead (illustrated by Mark Ziemann) and Cy’s Super Service (illustrated by James Estes)!
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