Electrical Apparatus December 2014

Electrical Apparatus December 2014

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The Smart Grid – Can smart meters make you sick? The public imagination runs wild in searching for EMF hazards
By Richard L. Nailen, P.E., EA Engineering Editor
Training with virtual reality, featured in the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus

Training with virtual reality, from the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus — Students use the VRTEX 360, a virtual reality welding machine, in the class room. The device teaches users proper welding technique and other relatable skills. —Lincoln Electric photo

Fast Forward – Who Needs Reality? Virtual reality training is making inroads in manufacturing fields such as welding; is electromechanical engineering next?
By Bill O’Leary, EA Associate Editor

Motor foundations and installation, in the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus.

Motor foundations and installation, in the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus. Here, an unusually high concrete foundation for a power plant fan drive. —Electrical Apparatus photo by Richard Nailen

Motors & Generators – Motor installation depends upon foundation design No easy solution to a challenge that’s been around as long as motors themselves.
With trilingual summary (Read an online summary)
By Richard L. Nailen, P.E.,EA Engineering Editor

Protecting face and hands, featured in the December issue of Electrical Apparatus

In 2014, Electrical Apparatus’s Safety and Health columns provided coverage of protection for the face and eyes. Personal protective equipment will be of interest to readers in 2015 as well. —Electrical Apparatus photo by Richard Nailen

Safety & Health – Looking back on 2014 – A review of safety topics covered in Electrical Apparatus over the past year
By Joseph S. Hoff, EA Associate Editor

Accounting – Cross-border acquisitions: Buying a business in another country isn’t just for the big players anymore
By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor
2014 NECA convention, featured in the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus

Attendees and exhibitors at the 2014 convention of the National Electrical Contractors Association, featured in the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus. —Electrical Apparatus photo

Trade Shows – Electrical contractors gather in Chicago:  Annual convention offered expanded focus on safety, cabling, and controls
By the Electrical Apparatus staff

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Departments and Columns

Publisher’s Comment   In this issue: Looking back and looking ahead…Elsie Dickson
Let’s Solve Your Problem  In this issue: Does casting temperature harm rotor laminations? … Do ‘risk’ and ‘hazard’ mean the same thing? … Does ‘inverter-duty’ imply a higher IR value? … Which high-torque motor design is right? … How many rewinds are typically possible? … Why allow the close stator-rotor clearance? … Effect of steel expansion on fan centerline… Edited by the EA staff
Youngstown State U's Green Energy Challenge Team, featured in the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus

The Green Energy Challenge Team representing Youngstown State University accepts the first place award at the National Electrical Contractors Association Annual Convention in Las Vegas, Nev. in September 2012. —National Electrical Contractors Association photo

Engineering Education   In this issue: Taking the Green Energy Challenge at Youngstown State University’s Dept. of Engineering Technology (pictured, left) – http://www.electri.org/content/green-energy-challenge-competition … Preparing students to join the workforce at the University of Arizona College of Engineering – www.ece.arizona.edu

Associations, societies & government activities   In this issue:  Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League certifies its first technician… U.K. Association of Electrical & Mechanical Trades revamps Web site, www.aemt.co.uk  …EASA seeks nominees for 2015 service award – www.easa.com  … Record attendance at this year’s Coil Winding, Insulation, and Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition – www.coilwindingexpo.com/chicago/  … Hydraulic Institute unveils free simulation software – www.pumps.org  … National Association of Electrical Distributors launches annual education campaign – www.naed.org  … Edited by Kevin Jones
Horner Industrial Group expansion, featured in the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus

Horner Industrial Group has begun an expansion of its electric motor shop at 1521 East Washington St. in Indianapolis. The project is expected to be completed in January. The expansion will add 20,000 square feet and will include installation of a 50-ton crane. Also to be placed into service are a new test panel with the capacity to test up to 10,000 hp and up to 13,800 volts as well as a new dynamometer to load-test up to 2,000 hp. Horner specializes in industrial products and services, including electric motor repair, electrical and mechanical field service, advanced vibration analysis, industrial fan design and fabrication, and thermal and industrial coatings. —Horner Industrial Group photo

Business briefs   In this issue:  WEG acquires Colombian panel manufacturer … Toshiba UPS earns Energy Star qualification … Horner Industrial Group expands (pictured, left) … Schneider Electric signs battery R&D agreement with AREVA … ABB to join UN network promoting efficiency … Group CBS buys Electric Control Equipment Co. … Microgrid Solar and U.S. Bank boost Solar installations for St. Louis non-profits … Von Roll to close plant in Düren, Germany … Environmental Entrepreneurs reports more than 18,000 clean energy jobs in quarter… Quarterly financial reports from A.O. Smith and W.W. Grainger … Edited by Kevin Jones

Utilities   In this issue: Pacific Gas & Electric Co. and Florida Power & Light Co. sign mutual aid agreement … Michigan utility employs vast underground gas storage… New Jersey Central Power & Light apps assess damage after storms… Ohio Edison renews training partnership with Stark State College … PG&E opens new Fresno control center…

Also in Utilities – an article by Richard Nailen, “Are utilities threatened by renewable energy?”

Richard Dutcher of Motor & Gear Engineering, featured in the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus

Richard Dutcher of Motor & Gear Engineering brings his skills at restoring engineered systems to his job as well as to his hobbies. —Caty Ammerman photo

EA reader profile   In this issue: Richard Dutcher, engineering manager at Motor & Gear Engineering of Doraville, Ga By Joseph Hoff

Calendar briefs  In every issue and updated on the web. See our online calendar for current offerings.
Standards   In this issue:  UL publishes new standard for photovoltaic wire … Transformer and capacitor standards approved by ANSI … Comment on circuit protection standards sought…
By the EA Staff
Horner Industrial Group's Terry Thorne, featured in the December 2014 Electrical ApparatusTerry Thorne
Eaton's Marie Smith, featured in the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus
Marie Smith
Leanne Ketterlin-Geller of Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) Caruth Institute for Engineering Education, featured in the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus
Leanne Ketterlin-Geller
Engineered Material Handling (EMH)'s Jean-Francois (Jeff) Larouche, featured in the December 2014 Electrical Apparatus
Jeff Larouche
Names & faces In this issue:  Horner Industrial Group’s Terry Thorne … Sullivan Solar Power’s Troy Hinds… John Costlow of the Sustainable Energy Fund… Keith Gainey of DeWAL Industries… Jeffrey R. Hughes of the Industrial Supply Association… Eaton’s Marie Smith, Bonnie Smith, and Ken Davis…Gautam Patel of Appleton Group…Leanne Ketterlin-Geller and  Delores Etter of Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) Caruth Institute for Engineering Education… 3D Systems Corp’s Ted Hull and Damon Gregoire… Jesse Francis Bingaman Jr., honored by The National Electrical Manufacturers Association – also retiring NEMA president and CEO Evan Gaddis… ASTM International’s Katharine Morgan and James A. Thomas… Engineered Material Handling (EMH)’s Jean-Francois (Jeff) Larouche  Edited by Bill O’Leary

Publishers and editors from numerous specialized industry magazines, including Electrical Apparatus, were guests of Baldor Electric Co. and its parent company ABB in Fort Smith, Ark., last month. In addition to being treated to a tour of Baldor’s motor manufacturing plant, the publishers and editors visited the robotics laboratory at the University of Arkansas at Ft. Smith, where ABB and Baldor are collaborating with the school to train the next generation of robotics technicians. In this lab, using programmable robotic arms provided by ABB, students demonstrated various projects that included sorting ping pong balls into egg cartons, writing text with a felt-tip pen, and sinking putts with a small golf club. —Electrical Apparatus photo by Kevin Jones

Training Briefs   Announcements of workshops, seminars and instructional materials, in every issue and updated on the web. In this issue – Electric Motor Technology – A three-day course that presents an understanding of the characteristics of electric motors to support activities important to sales persons, customer service staff, purchasers, and users of electric motors. Offered by:Advanced MotorTech LLC, 4951 71st Ave. North, Pinellas Park, Fla. 33781-4428; (727) 412- 8200; www.advancedmotortech.com  Where and when: Jan. 14-16 at the Tampa Airport Marriott, Tampa, Fla…. BLDC and interior permanent magnet motors – A three-day course, titled “Brushless DC & Interior Permanent Magnet Motor & Generator Design—Taking Theory to Practice,” Offered by: Advanced MotorTech LLC, 4951 71st Ave. North, Pinellas Park, Fla. 33781-4428; (727) 412-8200; www.advancedmotortech.com  Where and when: Nov. 18-20 at the Hilton Garden Inn, DFW Airport South, Irving, Tex. ..  Motor Testing -An intensive, five-day training workshop on the latest and most advanced techniques in both de-energized and energized motor testing.. Offered by: All-Test Pro LLC, P.O. Box 1139, Old Saybrook, Conn. 06475; (860) 399.4222;ce@alltestpro.com ; www.alltestpro.com . Where and when: Dec. 1-5 at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas and Feb. 23-27, 2015 in San Antonio, Tex., venue to be determined….. Bison Gear partners with the Gail Borden Public Library … Publishers learn about training collaboration in Ft. Smith, Arkansas …

Direct and Current  In this issue: Non-manufacturing growth continues… Exports down and imports up in September… No clear direction in small-business hiring… Canadian employment continues to recover…
And, in every issue:  Classified Advertising (Equipment, jobs, businesses for sale, business opportunities and services), Advertising Index, and your favorite cartoons, Motorhead and Generatorhead (illustrated by Mark Ziemann) and Cy’s Super Service (illustrated by James Estes)!
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