February 2019 Electrical Apparatus

February 2019 Electrical Apparatus



  • Efficient time use If it’s true that time is money, then we should all be making better use of it By Bill O’Leary, EA Managing Editor
  • When did we start caring about efficiency? Over the past four decades, cooperation has led to extraordinary gains in the efficiency with which we use power By David Miller, EA Special Correspondent
  • Above and beyond How Wisconsin’s L&S Electric exceeds quality and efficiency standards By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor
  • Efficiency comparisons may not be easy How to determine if that efficiency upgrade is worth the cost. With trilingual summary. By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor
  • Alexa goes to work Will smart speakers ever find their way into the workplace? By Bill O’Leary, EA Managing Editor
  • Striving for a score of zero Companies are taking the zero-waste challenge to have as small an environmental footprint as possible By Selena Cotte, EA Assistant Editor
More Than Accounting Structuring a new venture: Before raising capital, choose the most appropriate business entity By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor
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Departments and Columns

Editor’s Comment   In this issue: Fifty years into a revolution in efficiency …by Kevin Jones
Let’s Solve Your Problem  In this issue: Does tighter frame fit improve cooling? …  Aluminum vs. copper windings …  Determining grease life … Will there be efficiency standards for larger motors? … What’s included in NEMA coverage?… Edited by the EA staff
Associations, societies & government activities    In this issue:  A federal deregulation update … Edited by Kevin Jones 
Letters    In this issue:  Cartoon is occasion to point out dangers of backfeeding, from David Coelho, Electrical instructor, Henry Abbott Technical School Danbury, Conn  … Edited by Kevin Jones 
Know your industry In this issue: The Alliance to Save Energy: helping to save the earth  By Matt Raebel
Calendar  In this issue: Calendar Upcoming events on EVs, wind power, and facility management … See our online calendar for current offerings, with upcoming events on safety, coil winding, manufacturing, and more Edited by Bill O’Leary
Utilities In this issue: After the Camp Fire, PG&E finds itself in crisis … by Kevin Jones
Renewables In this issue: An expanding EV market, and a disagreement over solar energy. By Charlie Barks
Pumps In this issue: A glaring loophole appears in a new federal pump rule By Kevin Jones 
Business In this issue: Arizona Electric Motor Service wins a federal VFD training contract By Kevin Jones 
OEMs on the move In this issue: Tire giveaways and candy tours By Selena Cotte
Engineering education In this issue: The future appears bright for STEM and engineering grads By Selena Cotte  
Training In this issue: Opportunities for people with special needs By Matt Raebel
EA reader profile In this issue: Meet Rick Chambers of Iowa City, who was born to teach By Selena Cotte
Names & faces In this issue: Personnel changes at Motion Industries and Electro Static Technology Edited by Bill O’Leary
Deaths In this issue: Remembering Thomas “Ricky” Wright Jr. of Electric Motor Shop of Wake Forest, N.C,
Puzzle  In this issue: A word search featuring Thomas Edison… The Editors
Direct and Current  In this issue: Exelon and Starbucks go green and Voyager 2 leaves the Solar System… by Charlie Barks
And, in every issue:  Classified Advertising (Equipment, jobs, businesses for sale, business opportunities and services), Advertising Index, and your favorite cartoons, Motorhead and Generatorhead (illustrated by John D’Acunto) and Cy’s Super Service (illustrated by James Estes)!
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