Electrical Apparatus November 2014

Electrical Apparatus November 2014

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014-11toc01Conventions & Trade Shows – Viewing the latest in coils and manufacturing Materials, machines, and more at the recent CWIEME event in Rosemont, Ill.
By the Electrical Apparatus staff
014-11toc02Material world – Attendees at CWIEME 2014 learn about the latest in electrical and electronic insulation and conductors
By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor, and Joseph S. Hoff, EA Associate Editor
Fast Forward – Stop the spam! ‘Junk’ e-mail can lead to a cluttered inbox, viruses, and identity theft — here’s how you can protect yourself
By Bill O’Leary, EA Associate Editor
014-11toc03Motors & Generators – Arc blast: not a concern for switchgear alone; There’s a need to protect against the hazard in motor terminal boxes as well. With trilingual summary (Read an online summary)
By Richard L. Nailen, P.E., EA Engineering Editor
Accounting – Efficient accounting in a new age: When it comes to accounting, improved technology and processes are critical to efficiency and saving money
By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor
014-11toc04Safety & Health – Shedding light on confined spaces: Some pointers for workers’ safety and well-being
By Joseph S. Hoff, EA Associate Editor
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Departments and Columns

Publisher’s Comment CWIEME Chicago’s second successful show … Arc flash revisited: consider arc blast ..Coming next month: watch for two publications … Elsie Dickson
Let’s Solve Your Problem  In this issue: Positioning leads through a current transformer …Why acceleration heating depends on the load …Calculating effi ciency after a winding change… Can motor shaft diameter be reduced safely? …‘Alternator’ versus ‘Synchronous generator’ …Must higher effi ciency always mean higher RPM?  Edited by the EA staff
Michelman ribbon cutting, featured in the November 2014 Electrical Apparatus

Michelman, the manufacturer of industrial composite materials,
celebrated the grand opening of a new Advanced Materials Collaboration
Center on October 2 at the company’s global headquarters
in Cincinnati. The new facility includes six new laboratories with
state-of-the art equipment. —Michelman photo

Business briefs   In this issue:  Solcon wins award for work on oil project … Lincoln Electric acquires automation supplier Easom Automation Systems, Inc.,… Baldor wins Arkansas governor’s quality award Baldor Electric Co. of Fort Smith, Ark., was presented with the Arkansas Governor’s Quality Award for Performance Excellence from Governor Mike Beebe during the 20th Annual Awards Celebration recently in Little Rock. The award is the highest level available in the quality program organized by the Arkansas Institute for Performance Excellence. “Winning the Quality Award for Performance Excellence is a tremendous honor,” said Ron Tucker, CEO and president of Baldor. “This evaluation process will aid us in strengthening our management processes, because we believe that everything we do can, and should be, improved.” “At Baldor we believe quality drives productivity, and productivity is critical,” added Wayne Thurman, the company’s COO. “The Arkansas Institute for Performance Excellence has been a good partner to help us evaluate and improve our processes and systems, and they are a valuable resource for every organization in the state.” Graybar presents Acuity Brands with award …New Grainger data center is LEED-certifi ed Growth seen in fractional hp motor market … Michelman opens new materials R&D lab… Edited by Kevin Jones

Nuclear group visits motor plant, featured in the November 2014 Electrical Apparatus

Nuclear plant owners and designers from 15 countries toured the newly remodeled Electrical Machinery Co. manufacturing facility while attending IEEE Nuclear Group association proceedings in Minneapolis. —WEG Electric Group photo

Associations, societies & government activities  In this issue: HVACR industry makes environmental investment… National Association of Chemical Distributors joins training group, the Industrial Careers Pathway of Chicago…EASA offers newly updated Resource Guide… Hydraulic Institute offers pump system software … Attendees of an IEEE Nuclear Group visit Minneapolis motor plant…

Utilities Virginia OK’s merger of Exelon and Pepco… Arizona solar plant wins storage award… Applications being accepted for California scholarship from Edison International of Rosemead, Calif.,. Ohio colleges receive grants from Dominion Foundation… Michigan wind park commences operation… Edited by Kevin Jones
Calendar briefs  In every issue and updated on the web. See our online calendar for current offerings.
Paul Burnett, president and chief executive officer of St. Augustine Electric Motor Works,, featured in the November 2014 Electrical Apparatus

Paul Burnett with his grandson, Fischer. —Photo by Debbie & Katie Burnett

EA reader profile   In this issue:Paul Burnett, president and chief executive officer of St. Augustine Electric Motor Works, Inc.  By Joseph Hoff

Standards   In this issue: Use of  product test standards is clarified by the DoE… An update on d-c machine test methods from the International Electrotechnical Commission National Electrical Contractors Association terminates conduit standard change… New standard from ASTM International covers moisture-monitoring scanners… Publications from Underwriters Laboratories… Connector standards are adopted for PV circuits by the American National Standards Institute
Lubbock Electric's 70th anniversary, featured in the November 2014 Electrical Apparatus

Steve Moffett (at right) has played a big part in building on the vision of company founder Paul Bush (left). —Photo by Leslie Bush

Anniversaries In this issue: Lubbock Electric of Lubbock, Tex., has celebrated its 70th anniversary…

Smart Grids: Infrastructure, Technology, and Solutions. Edited by Stuart Borlase

New Books In this issue: Smart Grids: Infrastructure, Technology, and Solutions. Edited by Stuart Borlase. CRC Press, 6000 Broken Sound Pkwy., NW, Suite 300, Boca Raton, Fla. 33487; (800) 272-7737. $83.96 (hardbound). 607 pages. “Packed with facts and figures on the utility industry, energy usage, and environmental concerns, this text is better described as encyclopedia than book.” —RLN

Helmut Kroener
AEMC Instruments' Mark Gutekunst, featured in the November 2014 Electrical Apparatus
Mark Gutekunst
Isola Group's Helmut Kroener, featured in the November 2014 Electrical Apparatus
Helmut Kroener
Names & Faces   In this issue:  AEMC Instruments’ Mark Gutekunst… Peter F. Gaydon of the Hydraulic Institute … Lafert North America’s Michael Tough … Isola Group’s Helmut Kroener and Dominic Yu… Sunverge Energy, Inc’s Matthew Kennedy Edited by Bill O’Leary
Training Briefs   Announcements of workshops, seminars and instructional materials, in every issue and updated on the web. In this issue – Motor testing – A five-day training workshop on the latest and most advanced techniques in both de-energized and energized motor testing. Offered by: All-Test Pro LLC, P.O. Box 1139, Old Saybrook, Conn. 06475; (860) 399-4222; ce@alltestpro.com; www.alltest pro.com.  Where and when: Dec. 1-5 at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas…. BLDC and interior permanent magnet motors – A three-day course, titled “Brushless DC & Interior Permanent Magnet Motor & Generator Design—Taking Theory to Practice,” Offered by: Advanced MotorTech LLC, 4951 71st Ave. North, Pinellas Park, Fla. 33781-4428; (727) 412-8200;www.advancedmotortech.com  Where and when: Nov. 18-20 at the Hilton Garden Inn, DFW Airport South, Irving, Tex. ..  Electric Motor Technology – A three-day course  that presents an understanding of the characteristics of electric motors to support activities important to sales persons, customer service staff, purchasers, and users of electric motors. Offered by: Advanced MotorTech LLC, 4951 71st Ave. North, Pinellas Park, Fla. 33781-4428; (727) 412-8200;www.advancedmotortech.com . Where and when: Jan. 14-16 at the Tampa Airport Marriott, Tampa, Fla.….. Siemens gives $32 million in-kind software grant to Central Piedmont Community College … Edited by Bill O’Leary
Direct and Current    In this issue:  Motor sales fell slightly in second quarter.  …Manufacturer and distributor indexes diverge.  …Non-manufacturing growth continues.  …Industrial production in Europe slips.  …National discussion of hazardous substances…From the Editors o Electrical Apparatus
And, in every issue:  Classified Advertising (Equipment, jobs, businesses for sale, business opportunities and services),Advertising Index, and your favorite cartoons, Motorhead and Generatorhead (illustrated by Mark Ziemann) and Cy’s Super Service (illustrated by James Estes)!.
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