February 2012 Electrical Apparatus

February 2012 Electrical Apparatus

This is a summary of the Electrical Apparatus February 2012 featured technical article, by Richard L. Nailen, P.E. 

The invention and spread of urban lighting systems more than a century ago brought about a need for conduit for multiple circuits and large conductors to run through.

Those original pipes evolved into five distinct families: rigid metal conduit; intermediate metal conduit; electrical metallic tubing; flexible metal conduit; and liquid-tight flexible metal conduit. Several types of rigid plastic conduit have also become standardized.

Each type of conduit is suitable for different applications. In many cases, codes and standards specify which type is appropriate for a particular use. It’s up to the electrical system specifier to know which type of conduit to use in which setting.

The purpose of this article is to help specifiers, contractors, and electrical system designers to do just that: determine which type conduit is right for the job.

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