Electrical Apparatus magazine – For those who design, specify, use, operate, maintain or repair electrical equipment.

Electrical Apparatus is a monthly magazine covering the fields of electromechanical and electronic application and maintenance — the “electrical aftermarket” that serves as the electrical industry’s “field laboratory” and is its second-largest market (after OEMs). The electrical aftermarket is conservatively estimated as representing $10 billion in annual sales (U.S.) related to the maintenance, repair or replacement of electromechanical and electrical equipment.

Electrical Apparatus was originally published in 1967 as Electrical Apparatus Service magazine (the name was shortened in 1973). In 1967, Electrical Apparatus Service magazine purchased Volt-Age magazine, which had served the electrical aftermarket since 1949.

Each month, our editors provide a useful mix of news, features, technical articles and analysis that readers can apply directly to their jobs and retain for future reference. Every issue includes regular editorial features that our readers rely on to meet their ongoing informational needs.

EA has grown to become much more than a magazine that is “for motor repair shops only.” Today our readership for in-plant electrical engineering and maintenance departments is nearly as large as the segment for service companies. Readership from electric utilities, electrical contractors, distributors and manufacturers also continues to grow.

Professionals involved with the maintenance, repair and replacement of electrical, electromechanical and electronic equipment, after it has been put into application in the field, rely on Electrical Apparatus for the critical technical and industry-specific information that they need to make timely and cost-effective decisions.

Electrical Apparatus is not affiliated with the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) trade organization. For information about that organization, contact EASA directly at 314-993-2220.

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