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May 2017 Electrical Apparatus

May 2017 Electrical Apparatus

In our May 2017 issue, we preview the EASA convention conference , explore the city of Tampa, describe the marvelous 21st century wonders at Automate 2017, and visit EMA in Norcross Georgia with special attention to the business’s medium-voltage VFD repair operations. The technical article explains what makes insulation
‘sealed’.  And in our departments and columns, learn more about: Preparing for new penalties on imports…Hurricane relief… Smart Grid projects…Age discrimination…Digital meeting services.. and much more.

The May issue closes for advertising April 15.

Other upcoming content includes featured technical articles every month … Three big issues featuring the EASA show:  Tampa, the southeast, and industry partnerships (May), EASA exhibitors and an inside-the-plant visit to the Safety Speed plant in Minnesota (June), and a complete show report, along with coverage of ACE17 and a Denver shop with wastewater experience (August)… Our annual Training issue (July) celebrates VETERANS this year, featuring a visit to a Tucson shop whose owner, a Green Beret, served in the Iraq, Kuwait and Turkish theaters prior to the first Gulf War … and of course you’ll find coverage of the conventions and conferences you care about … business updates … trade association reports .. and favorite columns, departments and cartoons in every issue of Electrical Apparatus….

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