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February 2015 looks at core loss, metalworking, digital mapping services, and more!

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Coming in February (closes for advertising January 15) From Engineering Editor Richard Nailen’s in-depth evaluation of core loss to what it takes to keep metalworkers safe, the February issue explores new and ongoing topics within the industry.

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What’s New?

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Upcoming Highlights – Core Loss

Another look at core loss

Core loss in a-c induction motors has been recognized for so long that we might think we have a complete understanding of the phenomenon. But do we? As Engineering Editor Richard Nailen points out, motor manufacturers offer several design and manufacturing features to reduce core loss that are not always as effective as they appear to be. Some manufacturers claim to reduce core loss through a combination of lower flux density and increased core length—measures that, in fact, can be self-defeating. And measures to reduce core loss may not increase efficiency enough to justify changing the standardized efficiency value stamped on the motor’s nameplate.

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More in February 2015:

Reader Profile – John Ward

John Ward is owner of Fremont, Calif.-based Industrial Maintenance Technologies, Inc., which provides motor management and motor sales.  Its customers include aggregate mining and manufacturing companies.  Off the job, Ward is participating in the restoration of the SS Red Oak Victory, originally a U.S. Navy cargo vessel used to transport bombs to the Pacific during World War II.  In his roles as company owner and volunteer, Ward has built on the foundation that he established during his service in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Accounting for Management – Dealing with the double tax when selling a corporation

With the recent increase in U.S. tax rates on individuals, regular C corporations have become more attractive compared to flow-through entities, including S corporations and limited liability companies. C corporations present a significant potential drawback, however: double taxation. In this article, Contributing Editor William Wiersema explains the double taxes for which owners of C corporations might find themselves liable and outlines measures to avoid these traps. These measures include transacting with stockholders directly, deferring receipt of stock, offsetting losses, and choosing S corporation status.

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Department News

More on the subjects that interest and inform EA readers!

Safety and Health will examine hazards associated with metalworking, a process that involves using machinery to remove, form, work, or shape metal, which is used to assemble parts.  Associate Editor Joseph Hoff looks at the proper analysis of risks and the implementation of a safety plan and proper work practices can contribute to the health and safety of workers and to overall productivity in the workplace.

Fast Forward by Associate Editor Bill O’Leary for February will cover how companies are using GPS to track their field service technicians. Is this a helpful management tool or a violation of employee privacy?

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More Than Motors:

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