A word about our readers

Our readers work in electromechanical and electronic application and maintenance – the industry’s “field laboratory” and second-largest market (after OEMs).

All readers of Electrical Apparatus share a common interest in an extensive list of subjects related to the electrical aftermarket, including: balancing and alignment, bearings, circuitry, codes and standards, coils, controls, digital electronics, drives, electronics, energy efficiency, fans and blowers, gearmotors, generators, hoists and cranes, insulation, inverters, laminations, lubricants, motors, microprocessors, maintenance, power quality, systems and transmission, pumps, servos, shop equipment, software, switches, testing, transformers, varnishes and resins, vibration analysis, and wire and cable.

What Our Readers Purchase

Motors 42%
Drives 29%
Capacitors 27%
Test Instruments 35%
Wire & Cable 35%
Controls 31%
Lighting 21%
Shop Equipment & Supplies 32%
Transformers 28%
Switchgear 21%
Bearings 33%
Electronic Components 26%
Pumps 28%
Brushes 27%
Fans 24%
Generators 27%
Power Transmission Equipment 22%
Coils 25%
Insulation 25%
Belts 20%
Hoists & Cranes 18%
Brakes 17%

Electrical Business Activity

Electrical Apparatus Service/Testing and/or Sales 39%
In-Plant Electrical/Industrial/Institutions/Municipalities 14%
Electrical Contractor 6%
Electrical Consulting firm 4%
Electrical Utility company 4%
Distributor of Electrical Equipment and Materials 10%
Manufacturer of Electrical Equipment and Materials 21%
Trade schools/colleges/libraries &associations 2%
Allied to field 1%

Job Functions

Corporate/General Manager/Owner 39%
Service/Repair/Engineering Manager 32%
Service/Repair/Engineering Tech Staff/Design Eng. 13%
Sales/Marketing 7%
Consultant/Elec. Instructor 3%
Other 6%