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Associations, Conventions & Trade Shows

14 EV batteries power up
Now in its tenth year, the Battery Show flexes its muscles in the ever-expanding renewable energy world
By Charlie Barks, EA Assistant Editor

Fast Forward

16 The future of EV charging
EV charging remains a sticking point for would-be consumers, but changes are in the works to make the job easier than ever
By Selena Cotte, EA Managing Editor

Codes & Standards

19 What’s become of IEEE 1415?
Why a promised guide to the maintenance and testing of induction motors has been endlessly delayed
By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor

Electric Vehicles

23 Electric vehicle roundup
Where does EV technology stand, and where are the opportunities?
By Selena Cotte, EA Managing Editor,
and Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor

Motor Performance

27 Some reminders about motor efficiency
It’s been a quarter-century since the enactment of EPAct; what’s changed since then and what hasn’t?
With trilingual summary
By Richard L. Nailen, EA Engineering Editor

More Than Accounting

33 Rethinking retirement
Recent market volatility may have shaken those planning for retirement, but these principles still apply
By William H. Wiersema, CPA, EA Contributing Editor

Pump It Up

39 EVs no place for pumps? Wrong!
Contrary to a widespread misconception, pumps are essential to the operation of electric vehicles
By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor

Plant Life

40 Beyond Fordism
The assembly line of the past was the foundation upon which the decentralized and automated manufacturing of the future
will be built
By David Miller, EA Associate Editor

Safety & Health

43 No rest for the regulators
While many Americans were hunkered down at home, OSHA was as busy as ever
By Kevin Jones, EA Senior Editor


04 The editor’s comment
Motors and Automotives: Together at last?

05 Let’s solve your problem
Motor starting times, and when to oversize a motor
06 Associations, societies & government activities
Coronavirus crisis presents an occasion to trim regulations
08 Calendar
Manufacturing, batteries, and autonomous robots
10 Business
Pandemic provides a boost for remote condition monitoring
17 Clean power
Acknowledging that not all clean energy is renewable
22 Know your industry
The people who set the standards for structural wood
36 OEMs on the move
La-Z Boy closes Mississippi plant, DiversiTech opens in Florida
36 Product showcase
What’s new from Klein Tools, SKF, and Fanuc
37 Speaking of . . .
The issue of privacy and the Internet of Things
38 Training & education
How to get a start in electric vehicle service
45 Names & faces
Personnel changes at Grundfos, Elantas, and Shermco
46 Utilities
Who will pay for electric vehicle infrastructure?
47 EA reader profile
How Keefah Khalil went from pharmacy to electrical work
48 Classified advertising
The monthly marketplace for equipment, businesses, and more
48 Cy’s Super Service
The service industry’s most prominent curmudgeon
49 EA puzzle
A crossword puzzle based on EA’s May and June issues
51 Motorhead, Generatorhead & Friends
The world of an anthropomorphized motor and generator
51 Advertising index
Who’s who — and who’s where — in this issue of EA
52 Direct & current
Huntingdon Electric open for business after a devastating fire
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